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Welcome to Rum Therapy! We’re glad you found us and hope that you will find the tropical travel destination articles, pictures and links on our site helpful in planning your next adventure. Cheers!

Where’s Your Paradise?

Smugglers Cove - copyright Rum Therapy
“I prefer cold weather”, said no one ever at Rum Therapy, but that is what a friend of ours said recently when asking for feedback on starting a travel blog – to colder climates… (read more)

Sandy Cay, Bahamas and it’s Link to Gilligan

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Sandy Cay, or Honeymoon Cay, a small 3 acre private island northeast of Paradise Island in the Bahamas is famous primarily for one thing. Sure it’s been used to film numerous fashion spreads and commercials. Sure it’s said to be one of the most photographed islands in the Bahamas, but what is Sandy Cay or Honeymoon Cay known for? (read more)

Beach Bar Bums – A Beach, A Bar and A Dream

photo Beach Bar Bums
About a decade ago, Tom Westerhof was sitting at Buho’s Beach Bar on Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres, a small island just off the coast of Cancun, when he said to himself, “I could sit here all day and be perfectly content.” (read more)

Caribbean Roti

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Foxy’s has it. We’ve enjoyed it a Leverick Bay and even at Willy T’s. But we first sampled a delicious dish with East Indian origins called roti while sailing the BVI years ago. Our chef was quite adept at preparing local dishes and treated us to some terrific dinners that week but the thought of that chicken roti drizzled with mango chutney sauce stuck with us even after we returned home – in a good way…(read more)

Exuma Blue Lemonade

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Have you ever tried an Electric Lemonade? Exuma Blue Lemonade is similar to Electric Lemonade except we substituted rum for the vodka and added a bit more sweet and sour mix for a slightly tarter taste. The color was so clear and blue that it reminded us of the beautiful water around Exuma, so we re-named the new rum version Exuma Blue!…(read more)

Tony and Gail King of Boat BVI

Boat BVI
Tony and Gail King of Boat BVI know sailing and the charter business from the ground up. Find out why their knowledge may help you find the crewed charter sailing vacation of your dreams… (read more)