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Gage Sunglasses – Sunnies for Beach Bums

Gage Sunglasses
We received two pairs of good lookin’ shades just the other day from Joe, the owner of Gage Sunglasses – a company that makes sunglasses for beach bums by beach bums. Hello! We were definitely interested in trying them out…(read more)

8 Things You Shouldn’t Miss on Culebra

8 Things You Shouldn't Miss on Culebra
Culebra is a picturesque little island that lies approximately 17 miles east of Puerto Rico. It’s an island municipality under the domain of Puerto Rico. At seven miles wide and three miles long, Culebra is the smallest of the inhabited Spanish Virgin Islands… (read more)

Should You Travel to the Caribbean During Hurricane Season?

Hurricane Season - copyright Rum Therapy
We’ve all seen them. Photos of the storms and destruction caused by hurricanes. It’s almost enough to keep us from traveling to the Caribbean during hurricane season. Almost. (read more)

4 Delicious Recipes to try on National Rum Punch Day!

National Rum Punch Day - copyright Rum Therapy
Happy National Rum Punch Day! In case you feel like celebrating (or just need a good recipe in the future), here are 4 delicious recipes to try on National Rum Punch Day. Let us know which one is your favorite! (read more)

8 Things You Shouldn’t Miss on Vieques

8 Things You Shoulldn't Miss on Vieques - copyright Rum Therapy
Isla de Vieques, a small island located approximately 8 miles off of Puerto Rico is easily reached by ferry from Fajardo or a short flight from San Juan International Airport…(read more)

The Best Piña Colada Recipe

pina-colada-best-copyright Rum Therapy
There are good Piña Coladas and then there are excellent Piña Coladas and we, of course have tried a few. Although the standard Piña Colada Recipe is by far the easiest, by taking just a little extra time and adding a few more ingredients you can turn that average Piña Colada into an absolutely creamy and rumlicious tropical delight! (read more)