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Mudjin Bar & Grill, Middle Caicos

Mudjin Bar & Grill - copyright Rum Therapy
Many years ago while staying on North Caicos, we drove over the causeway connecting North to Middle Caicos to explore. Our first Middle Caicos stop? The stunning Mudjin Harbour(read more)

7 Things to Do on Providenciales

Taylor-Bay-copyright Rum Therapy
Are you planning a trip to Provo? This list of 7 Things To Do on Providenciales might give you some ideas of what to do during your time there… (read more)

Health Benefits of Walking On The Beach

The Health Benefits of Walking On the Beach - copyright Rum Therapy
As a follow up to our article, “Health Benefits of Spending Time In Or Near the Ocean“, we thought we’d also highlight some of the health benefits of walking on the beach…(read more)

Da Conch Shack & RumBar, Providenciales

da Conch Shack, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos - copyright Rum Therapy
For a small island with not even one stop light, Providenciales in the Turks & Caicos sure has a large number of simply amazing beaches (see The Stunning Beaches of Providenciales), and a number of really fun beach bars too…(read more)

TOP 10: The Best Beaches in St. Maarten-St. Martin

A guest post by Anne-Laure of St. Maarten Map… (read more)

The Stunning Beaches of Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

Grace-Bay-copyright Rum Therapy
If you ask anyone that has visited the island of Providenciales in the beautiful Turks & Caicos chain of islands what they think of the beaches, you’ll probably get an enthusiastic thumbs up…(read more)