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Welcome to Rum Therapy! We’re glad you found us and hope that you will find the tropical travel destination articles, pictures and links on our site helpful in planning your next adventure. Cheers!

Caribbean Mist

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We recently ran across a picture of a beautiful blue rum drink called a Caribbean Mist…(read more)

Caribbean Life – Living on an Island

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We don’t really watch a lot of TV. A few shows here and there, but we can normally take it or leave it. With the exception of one show lately. One show that we either look forward to watching every week or record. And if it’s a repeat…well, let’s just say that can spoil the whole evening…(read more)

Sunday Serenity: Why We’d Like to Re-Visit Cozumel

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Although we’ve visited Cozumel a couple of times, we’ve not had the chance yet to stay on island…(read more)