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Welcome to Rum Therapy! We’re glad you found us and hope that you will find the tropical travel destination articles, pictures and links on our site helpful in planning your next adventure. Cheers!

Products We Love – The Jungle Bee Jewelry

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The Jungle Bee Jewelry – unique handcrafted toe anklets, bracelets and anklets that are perfect for beach vacations, pool time and summer wear…(read more)

Crescent Beach, Compass Cay

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During our recent interview with Beach Bar Bums, we were asked to list a few of our all-time favorite beaches. Crescent Beach on Compass Cay was one…(read more)

Products We Love – Amora Island Scented Lip Butters

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Super luscious lip butters in tropical scents such as Painkiller, Bushwacker, Tropical Mango, Key Lime Pie and Bay from Amora, a company from St. John, USVI…(read more)

Nippers Beach Bar & Grill, Great Guana Cay

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We’d seen pics before. Many colorful, enticing pics that made us put Nippers on the “list” of beach bars we’d like to visit and were so excited to hear we were going to make a stop at Great Guana Cay during a recent sail through the Abacos. Believe us when we say, Nippers was as colorful and fun as the pics we’d seen and certainly didn’t disappoint. The weather, however, was a different story…(read more)

Sunday Serenity: Some Sun and Sand on St. Thomas

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We spend a relatively small amount of time actually staying on St. Thomas. It always seems to be the gateway to another island getaway, but when we have the chance to explore and enjoy what St. Thomas has to offer, we usually find ourselves here…(read more)

The Strikhedonia, a Blog About Life, Love and Travel

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We’ve gotten to know some really interesting people during our travels over the years, but I’ve got to say that our recent trip to Staniel Cay topped them all with the number of fun people we had the pleasure of meeting…(read more)