Frozen Rum Runners

Yum. As summer approaches my mind drifts to frozen concoctions and enjoying the warm sunshine with a frosty glass in hand. One of my favorite frozen concoctions happens to be a Rum Runner. Kind of like an icee with a really good kick!

Everyone seems to have a little different recipe for Rum Runners and I’ve only sampled one that I didn’t care for (I think it may have been a really cheap rum). We’ve sampled them frozen and on the rocks. Some have a reddish hue and some (like the picture below) are more orange in color. Regardless, sipping one of these may make your mind take a short vacation to a place with a hammock swaying in a tropical breeze on the coast of somewhere beautiful….

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Frozen Rum Runners
(makes one)

1 ounce gold rum
1/4 ounce blackberry liqueur
1/4 ounce creme de banana liqueur
2 ounces orange juice
1/2 ounce grenadine
8 ounces crushed ice
1/2 oz. dark or 151 proof rum

Add gold rum, blackberry liqueur, creme de banana liqueur, orange juice, grenadine and crushed ice in a blender.  Blend until slushy and pour into glass. Float with 1/2 oz. dark or 151 proof rum.

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