Cruzan Cucumber Crush

One of the things I like best about the Cruzan Rum Facebook page is that not only do they post some great rum recipes, their Facebook friends do too. So, I was delighted to see several new recipes by Cruzan Facebook friend John P. a few days ago. So far we’ve only tried “Cruzan Cucumber Crush”, but will certainly give “The Hip Replacement” a try when we gather all of the ingredients! With a name like that – how could we not!

Johns recipe for the Cruzan Cucumber Crush was as follows:

To make: Slice fresh cucumbers into 4 thin slices (3 for the drink and 1 for the garnish). Put the 3 slices of cucumber into blender, add 6 count of Cruzan Mango Rum, add coco lopez to consistency of a pina colada. Then blend till cucumbers are blended in equally. Pour into hurricane glass and garnish with the fourth cucumber slice on the rim of glass. To mix it up muddle to rum, cucumber, and coco lopez in rocks glass, shake, and serve on rocks with cucumber garnish.

Well, we had the ingredients, but being the incredibly remedial bartenders that we are, and not knowing what 6 count of Cruzan Mango Rum would equate to and exactly how much cream of coconut would be needed to make it the consistency of a Pina Colada, we set out to experiment.We had to make several batches before we ended up with a very refreshing and not too sweet concoction. Here is the version we ended up with:

Cruzan Cucumber Crush (makes 1)

1.5 oz. Cruzan Mango Rum
1.5 oz. Cruzan Aged Rum
1 oz. cream of coconut
4 cucumber slices

In a blender, add 3 cucumber slices (we left the peel on which gave it a nice light green color. Remove the peel for less green color!) the rum and the cream of coconut. Blend until cucumber is pulverized. Add ice and blend again. We continued to add ice until it was fairly thick in consistency. Pour into a glass and garnish with the remaining cucumber slice.

photo: Pamela Ott

The Cruzan Cucumber Crush has a very unique but refreshing taste. Both of us were unsure of it at first, but by the end of the glass we were making plans to mix up another! Thanks John P. for posting the recipe!