The Hurricane

Many, many – o.k., many years ago I traveled to New Orleans for a conference and experienced my first Hurricane. No, thankfully not the terrible weather phenomenon that strikes terror in many an islander or coastal region resident, but an equally terrifying drink with the same name. I mean – just look at all the rum in this thing!!

We found several recipes and several of them called for passion fruit syrup which we didn’t have, so we opted for this one. I prefer the recipe with the passion fruit, but by the time I took my last sip of this one, I couldn’t really tell the difference ;) Just be careful, Hurricanes can knock you right off your feet!

Hurricane - copyright Rum Therapy
The Hurricane
(makes one)

1 oz. light rum
1 oz. Jamaican Dark Rum
1 oz. 151 overproof rum
3 oz. orange juice
2 oz. pineapple juice
1/2 oz. grenadine
crushed ice

Blend all ingredients, pour over crushed ice and garnish with an orange slice and a cherry.

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