Witty Words and Clever Comments

We hit 4,000 Facebook friends last night and want to say thank you to all our wonderful Rum Therapy friends! Less than a year ago we started our Facebook page with just a few random pictures and a tropical drink recipe or two, wondering if people would enjoy dreaming about islands, rum drinks and escaping as much as we do. Judging by the participation on our page we see that there are a lot of “like-minded” Rum Bums out there and we love the way you interact with us through your comments on our posts!

Some of your comments make us chuckle and some make us sigh, “oh, yeah”. To say THANK YOU, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite recent comments and give one random person one of our new Quiet Please – In Session T-shirts.
There were SO many good comments that it really was hard to narrow them down to a few favorites! We love hearing how some of our beach pictures and tropical drink recipes help transport you back to a relaxing vacation experience – even if for just a moment! The shirt winner had a comment that we felt was especially relevant to our company name “Rum Therapy” – I mean, combining pirate with a therapeutic term….

Thanks again! We appreciate ALL of our Rum Therapy friends!! Here are just a few of your wonderful comments:

Runners up:

Holly Richardson-Ross commented on the Aug 27 post:…give me a minute & you should see me come into the lower right of this pic! :)

“Only worry in the world” post Aug. 30 had several funny comments:
Karen Whited Haun’s worry was
….what if somebody finds me?
Jim Thielen apparently had many worries: 1. How long is my sun-block good for?, 2. How Do They Make the Ice out here? 3. Who is going to turn my chair for me so I can follow the sun’s rays.. 4. Does anyone have cell signal to order in Rum when we run out!

And the “out of focus” post Aug. 29 brought out the wittiness in several of our friends!
Allan Large:
I think I see some EKG readings in there … all that rum has you too excited.

John McBride: I think I saw that at a Crosby, Stills,and Nash concert 30 years ago…..

And the Quiet Please – In Session shirt goes to…drumroll please… Steven who taught us about a pirate psychoanalytical remedy!

Steven Bart Hetfield:  What you have to do is employ a little bit of regressive drinking therapy Rum Therapy.=) Try the shots you may be able to remember doing and drink them until you retrieve this level of consciousness. This is an old pirate psychoanalytical remedy.

The Quiet Please – In Session T is available in three colors and can be purchased here:
Be sure to check out our other awesome T designs, caps, shot glasses and Tropical Drink Recipes at www.rumtherapy.com


  1. Congrats Steve!!!