The Slimer

Still looking for a Halloween cocktail that you can serve when you have friends for dinner…er…I mean have friends over for dinner? (insert evil laugh…) You might enjoy this one called The Slimer. Now for those of  you who saw the original Ghostbusters movie from 1984, you probably will recall the cute little green thing made of ectoplasm who left a trail of slime everywhere he went. Anyway – this cocktail may be green, but it ain’t too slimy – thank goodness.

So – mix yourself up a batch this Halloween and prepare to be slimed (or to perhaps get slimed if you drink too many?)

The Slimer
(makes one)

2 oz. light rum
Green soda or energy drink (we used Mountain Dew)
Eyeballs (frozen grapes – peeled, if you want)

Shake the rum and green soda or energy drink with ice and strain into a glass over  Eyeballs (frozen grapes).

This can easily be made in larger quantities and served from a punch bowl.


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