The Soggy Dollar Bar

Our first visit to Jost Van Dyke was in 2010 on a BVI sail trip. We’d come close to landing on her shores in 2006 during another sail trip, but the seas were rough that trip and the Captain elected to head toward Tortola instead – so it remained on our “places to see” list.

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During the 2010 sail, we made it to Jost for the first time. Sailing in to White Bay, our jaws dropped – the combination of spectacular white sand against some of the clearest blue water we’d seen…wow!In keeping with the Soggy Dollar tradition, we jumped in the water with drinking dollars in our pockets (hence soggy dollars) and swam ashore.

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During a recent 8 day stay on Jost Van Dyke we had the opportunity to spend a lot more time, drink a lot more Painkillers and take a lot more pictures at the Soggy Dollar Bar.

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You’d think we’d have our fill of it by now, but instead find ourselves thinking about going back time and time again to say hi to the good folks at Soggy Dollar and enjoy lazy afternoons of extreme Rum Therapy in the beautiful water, sand and sun of White Bay…The infamous Painkiller. Love the Nilla Killa’s too.

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Mic doing his magic.

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Owner Jerry O’Connell demonstrating the proper Ring Game technique.

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White Bay filling up with boats of thirsty partiers in the afternoon.

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In the evening, the crowds thin and the real relaxation begins…

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 Quiet morning at the Soggy.

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  1. Chris Powers says:

    Please tell me you went to Ivan’s Stress Free! Quiet, less touristy and the “honor bar” makes this a special place. Accommodations are rustic, but there is a quiet there that you will miss when you leave!

    • Chris – we sure did. Spent quite a bit of time at Ivan’s too – especially when White Bay got really busy. Will be posting pics from there soon!

  2. Lee Ann Houston says:

    did you hang with sedy and yellow at one love? those guys are great! everyone there is great and so welcoming…heading down in april for a long weekend and it can’t get here soon enough!

    • Lee Ann – haven’t spent NEAR enough time at One Love yet. Will be posting the pics we did take and will definitely be back to hang with ’em more!


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