Island Delight

Last weekend I ordered a delicious looking tropical concoction with rum that the bartender called an “Island Delight”. Despite attempts to get the exact recipe before leaving, he would only divulge that it contained OJ, Piña Colada Mix, Malibu Rum and Grenadine. We went back to the office and gave it a couple of “shots” and think we came up with a pretty tasty  mix.
Enjoy, ’cause after all, who couldn’t use a little Island Delight?

Island Delight - copyright Rum Therapy
Island Delight
(makes 1)

2 oz. Coconut Rum
2 oz. Piña Colada Mix
2 oz. Orange Juice
.5 oz. Grenadine
.5 to 1 c. ice
Orange slice

Mix rum, piña colada mix, orange juice and ice in a blender until thick and frosty. Pour into a glass. Add grenadine and mix in just slightly. Garnish with an orange slice.


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  1. Roxanne Rosalez says:

    I love your recipes. Pls send me more. I like rum..