Mopion, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Mopion, a tiny island close to Petit St. Vincent, that could really be considered just a sandbar.

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This perfect little stretch of white sand surrounded by crystal clear, blue water is ever changing with the weather and takes all of 5 minutes to walk around – if you walk sloooowly…. There is one thatched umbrella on Mopion, maintained by the nearby Petit St. Vincent Resort, and it’s decorated with the names of those lucky enough to have visited.

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It’s not easy to get to Mopion, but well worth it if visiting St. Vincent and the Grenadines. If you’re sailing the Grenadines, consider making a stop if close to Union Island or Tobago Cays. Guests of Petit St. Vincent Resort and Palm Island Resort can get a ride over to Mopion for a visit.

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What do you do on a deserted island for a day? Anything you want.

1. Snorkel

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2. Float in the crystal clear water

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3. Enjoy a picnic

4. Take a nap under the thatched umbrella

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5. Listen to the sound of the waves (or tunes from The Ultimate Rum Therapy Playlist!)

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6. BYOBB – Bring Your Own Beach Bar and name it after yourself! (Guess what we named ours?)

7. Absolutely nothing….just enjoy your time on this tropical beach paradise…

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Whatever Mopion is – an island, a beach or just a little sandbar in the middle of the ocean, Mopion was ours for a day…

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