Rum N’ Root Beer Float

Oh my gosh. We’ve been in love with rum and root beer since our post on Dirty Pirate Poptails. We’ve been wanting to try rum and root beer in a root beer float, and just happened to have the time (and ingredients) to try it out last weekend. Well I’m pleased (and a bit dismayed, ’cause we’ve gained a pound or two while experimenting) to announce that we’ve come up with an amazing, stellar and incredible combination for this very adult version of a Root Beer Float. Hope you enjoy it – just remember, although big on taste, it’s unfortunately not short on calories! (but who’s counting….)

Rum 'N Root Beer Float
Rum N’ Root Beer Float
(makes one)

Vanilla Ice Cream
Root Beer made with cane sugar
(we used Virgil’s Root Beer – Hansen’s Root Beer is also very good)
2 oz. Dark Rum
(we released the Kraken for this one)

Fill a tall glass with several healthy scoops of vanilla ice cream, pour in the dark rum and top off (slowly as it foams up) with the root beer. Kick your feet up and enjoy!!


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