White Bay, Jost Van Dyke

There are a few beaches that we’ve come across in our travels that simply take our breath away and White Bay, Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands is definitely one of them.

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With powder soft white sand and turquoise blue, clear water set off by lush foliage, it is truly a tropical paradise.

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In addition to its incredible beauty, White Bay is home to some of the best beach bars around, such as One Love Bar & Grill
, Gertrude’s, Soggy Dollar, and Ivan’s Stress Free Bar. (See more about Jost Van Dyke Beach Bars here: Bar Hopping On Jost Van Dyke)

Separated in the middle by a rocky outcropping, it’s well worth the hike to go from one end to the other checking out the people, the scenery and ALL of the bars! (be sure to wear shoes or sandals when crossing the outcropping. There is a cement stairway over the top of it, but there are some sharp rocks to navigate on Ivan’s side)

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Getting there: Get to White Bay via boat, taxi over from Great Harbour, or rent a jeep from Great Harbour (the adventurous, non-inebriated, very fit or frugal individuals can walk over the hill from Great Harbour. We hiked it once…)

Beach: beautiful white sand with gradual access. Great for swimming in the quieter areas (watch for boats – White Bay can get very busy with boats, especially in the afternoon), snorkel by the rocks on the east end.

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Recommended for:
well, anyone that loves a beautiful beach…

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because of the popularity of the beach bars on White Bay (especially Soggy Dollar), it can get very busy in the afternoon. If you like a party, you’ll love to be there at the busy time. If you’d rather experience White Bay when it’s quieter, consider visiting in the early morning, or later in the evening when the day crowds have gone home. Here are a just a few pictures taken during some of the quieter moments…

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And top off a perfect beach day with a perfect sunset…

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