Coconut Bar, Young Island Resort

I was looking at some FB pics the other day and saw a picture of a bar that looked very familiar. As I read on, I realized that we had visited the bar a number of years back and had completely forgotten.

The name of the bar is Coconut Bar and it’s a swim up bar in the water just off of Young Island Resort, which is a private resort/island just off the coast of St. Vincent. I looked through our archives of pictures from past trips and found it.

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Located just a few strokes away from the beach, Coconut Bar had a good selection of rum cocktails as well as good cold Hairouns (St. Vincent beer).

We were ready to embark on a week long sail through the Grenadines and our boat was anchored on the southeast side of St. Vincent at the Young Island Cut. While waiting to board, we were told that we might enjoy taking the free water taxi over to Young Island and enjoying a bit of sunbathing and a beverage.

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The island itself looked like a tropical rainforest with lush foliage and flowers everywhere.

The beach had a selection of comfortable lounge chairs and hammocks and we enjoyed the afternoon lounging in the sunshine while watching the boats move in and out of the Cut and looking across at beautiful St. Vincent….

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And the best part? When we got a little too warm (or thirsty!) we just took a short swim over to the Coconut Bar to chat with the bartender and enjoy another beverage!

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Have you been to the Young Island Resort or the Coconut Bar? If so, let us know about your visit!

To find out more about Young Island Resort and the Coconut Bar, you can visit their website here:
Young Island Resort

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