Mt. Pellier Domino Club, St. Croix

Well, the name certainly doesn’t even hint as to the interesting things you will encounter at this bar/attraction tucked into the rain forest on the northwestern side of St. Croix.  In fact, the only thing we knew about it prior to visiting was that they have beer drinking pigs (non-alcoholic) and we should definitely order some Mama Wanna (a homemade liquor made with rum, honey, and secret roots and spices). So, we set off to find the place. Finding it is a bit of a challenge – the road is windy and there are not a lot of street signs, but we thought it was well worth a bumpy drive through the lush rainforest.

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Thank goodness for a good sign! We pulled in and headed for the bar.

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It was mid afternoon and there we just a few others throwing back a cold one in the bar, although we hear this place can get hopping at times.

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We were served by Norma, the owner and chef who happily told us about the Domino Club…and her beer drinking pigs.

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After sampling a Mama Wanna Shooter (mmm…), we headed over to see the current pigs named Hurricane and Grunt. There was a small admission fee per person and $2 per non-alcoholic beer to feed those thirsty pigs.

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We love to explore while on any island and this place was definitely one of those interesting finds. We didn’t have a chance to sample the food (which we hear is tasty), but the rum and conversation were good, we enjoyed exploring the St. Croix rainforest (a complete contrast to the islands eastern, more arid side) and beer drinking pigs? Yes, we’re easily amused, but really, where else do you get to experience that?

Have you been to Mt. Pellier Domino Club on St. Croix?


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  1. Captain Ron says:

    OK… I HAVE to visit this place! We’re going to be on St. Croix on a Sunday off of the Celebrity Summit. Any idea how far it is from the cruise port (Frederiksted?)? I wonder if we can find a taxi to take us there.

    Do they sell hats or shirts with the image that is on the sign?

    • Hi Captain Ron – Frederiksted is on the west side of St. Croix and Mt. Pellier Domino Club is Northwest, so as the crow flies, it is not that far, but the drive through the rainforest takes a while (although we really enjoyed it!) Not sure about taxis, but I did hear that there were some tour operators that stop here as part of their itinerary. I didn’t notice any hats or shirts, but I wasn’t really looking for them – they may have some that I didn’t see. Have a great time!