Petit Tabac, The Grenadines

While sailing the Grenadines a few years ago, we made a stop at the stunningly beautiful Tobago Cays. From our anchorage, we could see an island in the distance called Petit Tabac. Our Captain informed us that this pretty little island was a location used in the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Specifically, it was the island that Capt. Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth ended up on when forced to walk the plank.

Intrigued, we asked if we could sail over and explore it and he happily he obliged.

The grove of palm trees shown burning in the film were very recognizable as we approached. Thankfully the burning palms were merely cinematic wizardry as the the palms were alive and well.

The plan was to find the rum. If you’re familiar with the film, when Jack Sparrow was marooned on this island with Elizabeth Swann, he knew of a rum stash and set out to find it.

Knowing that we’d find no actual rum, our Captain and Cook prepared a large jug of rum punch for us to enjoy as we explored the island.

We then paced off in the same area Jack Sparrow did while looking for his rum stash in the film.

Of course, we didn’t find anything, but enjoyed re-enacting the antics of Captain Jack – and the rum punch didn’t hurt either.

The deserted little island was beautiful and we took our time walking the entire perimeter.

We were the only ones on Petit Tabac that day.

From Petit Tabac we could see Union Island,

And the other Tobago Cays.

From our perch in the shade we took the amazing beauty of the area in,

The almost blindingly white sand against the vibrant blue water was stunning.

We reluctantly headed back to the boat after a day on a deserted island filled with rum and browned by the sun and looked forward to our next adventure in the Grenadines.

Have you been to Petit Tabac? Tell us about it!

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  1. Great photos! I didn’t make it to Petit Tabac when I was in the Tobago Cays, though I longed for it from the shore of another cay. Thanks for taking me back!