We enjoyed a week long sail through the Grenadines last year on the tall ship Diamant with Island Windjammers and in addition to the great itinerary (read about the trip here: Island Windjammer Cruise) we absolutely loved happy hour. Most evenings we were served up the scrumptious Rum Swizzles that the Diamant is famous for, but on the last evening aboard, they pulled out the stops and served up another excellent rum drink called the “Rumaggedon”. Even with some intense prying, o.k – maybe even a little whining,  our bartender Brandon would not divulge the yummy recipe. Imagine our surprise when we found that Island Windjammers posted the Rumaggedon recipe on their Facebook page today! I’m sure these are the tastiest when enjoyed during happy hour on board the Diamant or Sagitta, but maybe you can mix up a batch, close your eyes and start imagining your next sail!

copyright Rum Therapy
(recipe: Island Windjammers)

2 parts dark rum
2 parts orange juice
1 part mango juice
1 part guava and/or passion fruit juice
1-2 dashes of bitters
top with grated nutmeg and cinnamon
garnish with orange wheel (or a cherry and umbrella!)

Shake, pour over ice, sprinkle with grated nutmeg and cinnamon, garnish and enjoy!