Helicopter Ride in Kauai

I’d never even been on a helicopter before and as I’ve mentioned before, have a bit of a fear, well, of falling, so I was pretty impressed that the other half of our team was able to talk me into not only a helicopter ride over Kauai, but a DOORLESS helicopter ride. After all, (he said), with no doors to block the view, this would be THE BEST way to get photos of Na Pali. Don’t tell him I said so, but, he was right…

We booked a 90 minute morning ride which took off from Lihu’e Airport.

Helicopter 1 (600)

We each had the back seat with a totally unobstructed view. I was a bit nervous until our pilot strapped us in – tightly – with large straps over the shoulders. We were each given a headset to hear the pilot and  to ask questions. And then we took off.

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Heading south towards Nawiliwili, we got an excellent view of the harbor where the cruise ships dock.

Helicopter 2 (600)
Then turning west, we headed into the ultra lush and green mid-section where we were treated to one spectacular waterfall view after another…

Helicopter 10 (600)
And could see why so many films, such as Jurassic Park had chosen Kauai to film scenes in their movies.

Helicopter 9 (600)
We soon came upon Waimea Canyon, known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.
Note the small hang glider below us…

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Helicopter 4 (600)
And suddenly popped out on the rugged and colorful Na Pali Coast.

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Nearly at visual sensory capacity, we were then flown into the center of an extinct volcano which was eerie and beautiful at the same time…

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More stunning scenery of the North Shore on the way back to the airport.

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This was an experience we will not soon forget.


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