Poppin’ Strawberry Colada

We wanted to post this one sooner, but finding pop rocks turned out to be quite the feat! We thought this might be a good recipe for the holiday weekend – festive, cold and rummy – and with a little sizzle and pop! This can easily be made without rum for the “yung uns” and designated drivers! Be safe and enjoy!

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Poppin’ Strawberry Colada

Poppin’ Strawberry Colada
(makes two)

3 oz. gold rum
4 oz. pineapple juice
1 c. frozen strawberries
1 oz. coconut cream
1 c. ice
2 envelopes Strawberry Pop Rocks
blueberries for garnish

Blend rum, pineapple juice, strawberries and coconut cream until smooth. Add ice and blend until creamy. Dip the rim of two small glasses in a small bowl of pineapple juice, then dip in pop rocks (put the pop rocks on a plate for easier access). The rocks will begin to pop as soon as they get wet, but there is still some residual popping to enjoy as you sip! Add a garnish of blueberries for color. Cheers!


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