We Need Your Help – Again!

We’ve been noticing a lot of “Things To See Before You Die” lists popping up on the internet which we find interesting, albeit maybe a little morbid… However, it got us to thinking that we should create a list of the “Top Things To See and DO in the Caribbean” but soften the ending a just a bit by saying “Before You Get Too Old To Travel”.

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Now, although we really have gotten to see and do a lot of fun things during our travels to the Caribbean, we know from your comments that you have too! So, in an attempt to create an amazing, all encompassing and hopefully unbiased list that everyone can enjoy, we’re asking for your help. From now until next Monday, please comment on this post with anything that you’ve experienced in the Caribbean that you think should be on this list. For reference, let’s include any of the islands in the Caribbean region, as well as those in the surrounding Lucayan Archipelago – see islands listed here.

Items to include on the list:

1. Things to do – such as the best snorkel or dive spot, amazing hikes, swimming with the dolphins, carnival’s or other events, enjoy a signature rum drink at your favorite beach bar :), best place to swing in a hammock, etc. or

2. Things to see – most spectacular beaches, sunsets, overlooks, etc.

All entries that fall under these categories will be added and published next week. As we’ve done with The Ultimate Rum Therapy Beach Playlist, we’ll continue to update from time to time if new and “listworthy” ideas come it!

Wow! We’re excited to read some of the entries! Unfortunately, it’s probably going to make our list of the things we want to experience in the Caribbean EVEN longer!

OK. We’ll start. We think one of the Top Things to See and Do in the Caribbean Before You Get Too Old To Travel is:

Sail For A Week (or more!) in the British Virgin Islands

Now it’s your turn! Be sure to be specific about the island and the correct name of the event, landmark, etc.,  and keep it to things you REALLY think should make the TOP list of things to do and see in the Caribbean. No pictures needed – just the things you think should not be missed!


  1. Jo Debra Gandee says:

    Have a Painkiller (or more) at the Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke, BVI.

  2. Things to do:
    1. Swim with the stingrays in Cayman Islands
    2. Mount Gay Rum Factory Tour – Barbados
    Things to see:
    1. The Baths, Virgin Gorda
    2. Overlook of Trunk Bay, St. John

  3. Dianne Jones says:

    Visit Stingray city with either capt Crosby or capt Marvin. Old salts. True Caymanians. See some of the real Caymans. I’ve been there As a visitor around 80 times. No family except adopted people who welcomed me with open arms. Best. DJ

  4. Janet Byard says:

    Agreed with Soggy Dollar and The Baths and everything Jack said. I loved snorkeling at Diamond Reef. Zip lining in Jamaica was awesome! The beach at the end of the runway in St Martin is awesome. I want to see the Caves at Norman and Willy T. I can’t wait to see the rest of the list….

  5. Yes! Like Janet said, Sunset Bar & Grill in St. Maarten to watch the planes fly over and a visit to Willy T’s. Also, a full moon party at the Bomba Shack, White Bay, Jost Van Dyke and Shoal Bay, Anguilla. I probably have more I will send later!

  6. Carol Buchanan says:

    On St. Croix do Sea Thru Kayaks clear kayak bio luminescence tours. Also on St. Croix , St. George Village Botanical gardens are beautiful. And of course the old-fashioned rum tour and samples at Crucian Rum is a lot of fun. The beaches, snorkeling and restaurants are fabulous.

  7. blake leake says:

    Ahoy! Here are a few of my favs!
    Callwood Distillery – Tortola
    Moon Hole – Bequia
    Wallilabou – St Vincent
    Gertrudes on – JVD BVI
    Brimstone Hill – St Kitts
    Petit Tebac – Tobago Keys
    The restaurant/bar on the mountain over English Harbor (Shirley Heights?) – Antigua
    Bomba Shack (Full Moon Party) – Tortola
    Willie T’s – Norman Island (Bight Bay)
    Soufrière Hills – Montserrat
    Arrows Place – Montserrat
    Waterfalls & Fruit – Dominica
    The cross on the hill at Gustavia – St Barth
    Lydia’s Fish Shop – Portsmouth Dominica
    Loblolly Bay – Anegada
    Nature Boy’s – Tortola (Long Bay?)
    Gosh, I could keep going! argh!!!!

  8. Gotta add eating lobster on the beach in Anegada…..ahhh….

    Also – rum punch at Happy Island, The Grenadines, snorkeling at Tobago Cays and the Turtle Sanctuary in Bequia.

    Ok, just one more for now – shopping in the spice market in Grenada

  9. Michael finkel says:

    Float in the Limin House pool with a Sebastian’s rum and stare at the view.

  10. Doug Smith says:

    Snorkel with the Whale Sharks in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

  11. Janet Byard says:

    Carol and Rum Therapy you should try the bioluminescent bay in Vieques too.

  12. Kayak the bioluminescent bay in Vieques, Puerto Rico
    Hike through El Yunque

  13. Mary Petty says:

    *The Xtreme Circumnav Tour with Adventure Antigua. Website: http://www.adventureantigua.com/
    *Take a snorkel trip to Buck Island, St. Croix with Big Beards Adventure Tours. Website: http://bigbeards.com/
    *Watch the sunrise at Point Udall, St. Croix. Spend the day exploring America’s Paradise, then watch the sunset at Coconuts On The Beach.

  14. Lunch between the Pitons at Hotel Chocolate in St. lucia OR
    Snorkel / Scuba between the Pitons in St. Lucia

  15. Visit the island of Holbox, Mexico. Rent a golf cart, (only means of transportation) and meet some wonderful people, have some authentic Mexican food.
    Visit Rum Point in Grand Cayman.
    Snorkel the trail at Trunk Bay, St. John VI
    Have a few drinks at Jack’s Shack on Grand Turk.

  16. Sit at the St. Maarten yacht club for the bridge openings!

  17. Kayak with a friend to a secret pocket beach on the island of St John, USVI.

  18. You have to see the planes on the beach at St Maarten at least once in your life…what an experience!!
    Bonaire has excellent diving!!!
    The Le Petit Pitons in St Lucia are breathtaking and lush!!!
    Love spice shopping in Grenada!!

    The island I keep coming back to is St Croix…
    Ive fallen in love with the people and the Island…

    Sandy Point is the most beautiful beach ive ever been on…if your lucky enough to go on a day when its open due to turtle nesting!!!
    Being the first person in the U.S. to see the sunrise at Point Udall…
    MontPellier Domino Club in the rainforest not only has beer drinking pigs..but has the best bushwacker and mamajuana on island.
    The underwater park at Buck Island is awesome…
    But what I keep going back for is the diving!! The walls are fabulous!!! I love love love diving the Frederikstead Pier!! The sea life is amazing!!! Every ‘omg i cant believe I saw that’ sea creature happened at St Croix for me!

  19. Explore, snorkel or dive some of the cenotes in the Yucatan Penninsula of Mexico.
    Explore the Tulum and Chichen Itza ruins
    Zipline and snorkel (not at the same time!) in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

  20. Didn’t see it, so I’ll add go to the Bubbly Pool on JVD and then hit up Foxy’s Taboo after for a drink or two. :)

  21. Watch the sunrise from Blue Mountain Peak in Jamaica.

  22. Paul Grybowski says:

    Lunch east end anegada
    Baths virgin gorda gotta look for Morgan Freeman to show up at the Pub there,,
    Willie T’s (ignore the new rule about jumpoing off the top deck)
    Wake up and dive the Indians or snorkle
    full moon at Bamba shack
    party till dawn a foxy’s and soggy dollar
    swim every beach we drop anchor,, and bring plenty of Cruzan,,,,

  23. Sunset from Banankeet, Tortola, BVI
    Swim and walk Shoal Bay, Anguilla
    Visit Plantation Homes on St. Kitts
    Visit Old Bath House Ruins on Nevis…just GO to Nevis!
    Full Moon at Bomba’s and then Trellis Bay, Tortola, BVI
    Sunset from Shirley Heights, Antigua
    Sail the Grenadines

  24. Joanne Schoen says:

    See “The Pitons” on St. Lucia !!!

  25. The first time we climbed Dunn River Falls, many years ago, there were several elderly couples watching wistfully & telling us they wished they had come when they were young enough to actually climb the falls instead of the staircase. This is something I think everyone should do & they should do it while they are able to climb the actual falls!

  26. The food at the resturantes in Sand Ground on Anguilla BWI. Had a Lobster Creole that I would jump on a plane tonight to get another plate.

    Independence day Freeport Grand Bahamas July 10th .Biggest Island Party I’ve been to.

  27. 1) Dive the Rhone in BVI
    2) Bar trip on White Bay Jost Van Dyke: Painkiller at Soggy Dollar, Bushwacker at Gertrudes, Foxy’s, One Love Bar
    3) Baths BVI
    3) The Pitones in St Lucia
    4) Stingray City and Turtle Farm in Cayman
    5) Sailing St Vincent and the Grenadines
    6) Dive Speyside Tobago
    7) Maegen’s Bay St Thomas
    8) Key Lime Pie on St John
    9) Find seahorses at Fredricksted Pier St Croix
    10) Cheeseburger on St Barths
    11) See the mansions on Mustique (Grenadines)
    12) Jacques Cousteau underwater reserve in Guadaloupe, rum factory tour on Marie Galante
    13) Old Town Puerto Rico
    14) Dive cenotes in Cancun, see Chichen Itza
    15) Cruzan rum factory tour St Croix

  28. Sail and snorkel with Llewellyn’s Charter to Buck Island National Park in St. Croix!!
    Visit the rainforest and sample some Mamma wanna…also go to the Cruzan Rum factory and have some great rum!
    visit Sandy Point and Cane Bay beach in St. Croix
    Experience all of St. John’s beaches..especially Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay and Caneel Bay
    go bar hopping in St. Kitts to Shiggety Shack,etc.. go to the Reggae Bar and Grill, too..spend the day at the beach
    the Nisbet Plantation in Nevis is beautiful and have lunch at Montpelier Plantation and Beach…beautiful…

  29. 1. Fly to Tortola
    2. Take the ferry to Jost Van Dyke and
    3. Attend either Foxy’s Halloween, New Year’s Eve or Full moon party.

  30. Snorkle Buck Island, St. Croix
    Watch the Sunrise at Point Udell, esp on New Year’s Day
    Walk the Beach on Anegada
    Baths at Virgin Gorda
    Walk Flamenco Beach on Culebra

  31. Boogaloo’s Conch Shack, Provenciales, Turks & Caicos