Juggie’s Place, St. Maarten

While walking through Philipsburg, St. Maarten a couple of years ago, we came across a little – and I mean smaaaall bar with a sign above it saying “The Smallest Bar in the World”.

We pulled in to check it out and found that The Smallest Bar in the World is owned by a very nice man by the name of Juggie and that the bar is better known as Juggie’s Place.

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We’d only been in one other bar before claiming that it was the smallest, and that happened to be The Smallest Bar in Key West. Yep, Juggie’s bar is even smaaaaller.

We ordered the special – two beers and a cigar for $2.99, grabbed on of the few seats in front of the bar and chatted with Juggie for a while. We ended up spending more time there than anticipated, sipping our beers and reading Juggie’s words of wisdom printed on brown paper and affixed to the front of the bar.

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Is it truly the smallest bar in the world? No clue. Is it on a beautiful St. Maarten beach? No. It’s actually tucked in an alley behind the Big Wood Grill Beach Bar (on the boardwalk). Is it worth a stop? We sure thought so. Get a rum shot for $1.00, 2 beers & 1 cigar for $2.99 and spend some time chewing-the-fat with Juggie. Well, he words it just a little differently below… Priceless :)

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