Survey Says….

We had such a great response to our recent Rum Therapy Survey and you gave us some fantastic feedback and suggestions – which will be very helpful as Rum Therapy continues to evolve! We thought we’d just highlight a few comments and answer a few of the questions asked.

1. Would like to see more on the Western Caribbean and Cuba, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Belize, Florida. etc.
We agree! Though we’ve visited many of these places already, our visits took place before digital pictures (and Rum Therapy) and we’d like to re-visit, re-photograph and make sure the information is fairly current before posting.  So…it may be a while before we have them all covered – that is, of course, unless we get contacted by a travel company to partner with them….(hint!hint!)

2. “More out of the way places.” “Just keep including the out of the way and hidden gems”
These are our favorite kind of places, so we will definitely continue to try and discover and feature them, along with some of the areas that are more popular that people may want to check out.

3. Just keep the recipes coming and I’m all in!
No problem!

4. Not yet just waiting for more, you can’t do it all at once or it would be over, And I don’t want that to happen!
Kinda like those vacations that we all plan so hard for and look forward to!

5. I believe you cover a bit of everything a true rum bum needs to know regarding adult beverages and tropical locations that serve great adult beverages. :-)
Oh good! Thank you!

6. I think it will be cool if there was a place people could share their experiences at the places you guys suggest on your website!
Hmmm. That would be a good idea…

7. Be sure to add historical and legend information and context where you can.  It adds color to already colorful destinations.
O.k. We’ll try to add more of that info when possible.

8. Restaurants and Shopping
We usually cover the bar/restaurant type of establishments, but will certainly cover other restaurants and shopping areas as we visit them.

9. “The Shop area…love to see more clothing & accessories.” “A bigger variety of merchandise in the store.  You can never have too much Rum Therapy!”  “Larger sizes for women”
We’ll be launching some brand new products soon – just in time for the holiday season!!

10. Maybe expand a little on Charter opportunities/companies so that folks can get around to all these beach bars and sample all the Rum!
We’ll definitely have more info for you on this after the Rum Therapy flotilla!

11. More local businesses…help promote the people who make the islands unique and support the culture.

12.  Maybe add a resort that would take a percent off their price if we mention your site.
Resorts, hotels, condos, villas – contact us if you’d like to participate in a program like this. I think it’s a great idea!!

13 Excellent resource for our travel needs, daily therapy…
Yeah!! That’s what we like to hear!

14. Maybe showcasing bartenders at some of the awesome beach bars.  They always seem to have interesting stories.
Fabulous. I think that would be a great addition to our “Making Your Tropical Obsession Your Profession” series. Know of a bartender with a great story about how they ended up at a tropical beach bar? Let us know!

15. Cant think of anything that you have overlooked, maybe some stories or info on the history of Rum and its production.
Yes, that would be good info to cover from time to time!

Even though the survey is over, we are always open to your ideas and suggestions. Contact us anytime to let us know what’s on your mind!