Leap of Faith – Ed Robinson

We received an email recently from Ed Robinson, author of “Leap of Faith – Quit Your Job and Love on a Boat” to see if we’d be interested in reviewing his book. Being the Caribbean sailing enthusiasts that we are, we were anxious to receive it. It was a good  read and we finished the book quickly. We particularly enjoyed the chapter on Debt Free Equals Freedom which outlines steps Ed and his wife Kim took to get rid of  their debt in order to embark on this journey. A phrase used several times in the book  sums it all up.

“We gave up everything. Now we have it all.”

After finishing the book,  we wanted to find out more about Ed and what inspired his writing.
This is what we found out…

1. Tell us a little about yourself such as
where you lived and worked before taking the leap. I was a reporter and editor of a weekly newspaper, The Smyrna Times. I was also a contributing writer for The Mariner Magazine, a Maryland based publication covering all things boating and fishing. After twenty years working for a major utility, I quit my job and moved onto a boat. Me and my wife Kim are somewhere on the west coast of Florida, drinking rum and watching the sunsets.


2. Your book gives some very practical advice on downsizing and getting out of debt to make a move to a better life. Was this something easy for you to do once you made the decision, or was it a bigger challenge than you thought? The whole downsizing thing was not that hard, Kim was initially reluctant, but she go on board one I got the ball rolling. As I say in the book, the more stuff we got rid of, the less burdened we felt.


3. What made you decide to write a book about your experience? Have you written any other books or do you hope to write more? I had a lot of time on my hands and always enjoyed writing. I thought I had a story to tell that others would find interesting, even if they had no desire to live on a boat. The response has been greater than I had hoped for. I’m well into a second book that deals more with the humorous side of life aboard. The working title is “Poop, Booze, and Bikinis.”Leapoffaith3_EdRobinson---O
4. What are some of the challenges you’ve found with your new lifestyle?
The biggest challenge we face living aboard is the weather, which we can’t control. It’s not always sunny and calm. Sometimes it’s downright nasty. Minor chores like doing the laundry or grocery shopping take on a whole new dimension when you live at anchor. Also we tend to hang out far from society, where it’s peaceful. If you get a craving for pizza, or you run out of rum ‘. . . you’re out of luck.
5. What has been your favorite tropical destination to date? What other islands would you like to explore?
By far our favorite spot is Cayo Costa. It’s a little known barrier island on the west coast of Florida. It’s uninhabited, beautiful and serene. The beaches are stunning and you rarely see another living soul. If we called one place home it would be there. Our bucket list of places we really want to see includes the Dry Tortugas, and maybe someday Belize. Of the places that we’ve actually been outside the U.S., the British Virgin Islands are tops. White Bay on Jost Van Dyke in particular is a place everyone should see once in their life.

6. Is there anything else we should know about you or your book?
The book is not a technical manual on cruising boats, nor is it a dry retelling of our financial plan. Yes, I divulge how we were able to make our plan work, but it’s more about what it feels like to experience ultimate freedom. For others, that may be a cabin in the woods, or a condo on the beach. I humbly offer a plan to achieve whatever your dream life may be.

Leap of Faith: Quit Your Job and Live on a Boat
is available on Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle versions.

Ed’s second book, Poop, Booze, and Bikinis is now also available on Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle versions. 

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  1. I will do this in 11 more years when I retire from public service. I will be 57 years old. I am so looking forward to sailing into my retirement.

  2. Mike Van Heest says:

    I have read Ed’s book. it is one of my “escapism” books along with Anthony Bjorkland’s books. Very well done and it puts a realistic approach to living the dream. I am still more in a hoping mode with student loans from both daughters as well as credit card debt and a mortgage. Bottom line is….cold feet. I would love to buy a little bar and grill in the USVI but… Well hopefully one of these days I’ll wake up and just do it. Maybe I’ll be able to write about it like Ed did. Well done!!