Princess Margaret Beach, Bequia

Princess Margaret Beach is a gorgeous stretch of light colored sand framed by lush green hills and turquoise blue water on the island of Bequia in the Grenadines.

Princess Margaret did in fact swim at this beach, thus the reason it is named after her!

Princess Margaret Beach is one of the pretty beaches in Admiralty Bay – a busy bay for boaters, and is close to Port Elizabeth but not easy to access, so it’s usually pretty quiet.

We’ve had the pleasure of visiting this gorgeous beach twice, both time by boat. If you want to get here from Port Elizabeth, you can take a water taxi or, from what we heard, you can walk over by taking a steep path down from the main road.

The first time we visited, we spent time walking through the small cave at the end of the beach and snorkeling in rocky area around it.

The snorkeling was pretty good, but be sure to watch out for sea urchins in the rocks.

The second time we visited, we opted for some sunshine and Clarke’s Court “Grog” on the beach…

After a few hours of lounging, we headed back to the dock where we stopped in at a great bar at the end of Princess Margaret Beach called Jack’s Bar to enjoy some fabulous Rum Punch before heading back to our boat relaxed and tanned by the sun. Great day…

Jack’s Bar, Bequia

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