Are You a Vacation Reader?

Flying down to the tropics a couple of months ago, I sat next to a young woman anxious to get to her destination for the week to relax and unwind. I asked her what she liked to do to relax and unwind on vacation and she said she was most excited to find a quiet spot in the shade on the beach, curl up and read – non-stop she said, for the whole week.

She had chosen a book a day and started the first vacation read on the plane on the way down. She asked what books I had enjoyed lately and what books I brought down to read and I was a little embarrassed to say I just had a few trashy magazines that I’d purchased at the airport to thumb through. “Ahhh,” she said. “Not a reader, huh?”

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Ouch. Well, I actually am a reader. Really. It’s just that I’m not a huge vacation reader! Even though “reading material” is on my Tropical Vacation Packing List, I tend to leave the choosing and packing of it until all other essentials such as cameras, music, sunscreen, rum money, etc., are tucked safely in place.

To be honest with you, reading while on vacation is not my favorite thing to do. I love reading stories at home that help me escape to the tropics, like I’m Gonna Live My Life Like a Jimmy Buffett Song (Di Island Song Series, Volume 1) (actually the whole series by Anthony Bjorklund) and Leap of Faith: Quit Your Job and Live on a Boat by Ed Robinson and A Trip to the Beach: Living on Island Time in the Caribbean – written by Melinda and Robert Blanchard, owner’s of Blanchard’s Beach Shack in Anguilla, but when I’m on a tropical vacation, I find it a little hard to keep my face buried in a book. Although… I’ve got to admit that escaping into a great story while lounging in a hammock under a coconut tree and sipping on a pina colada can at times be, well, relaxing….

So, as I pack for an upcoming adventure, I have a goal. I’m going to try and read one book this trip. Probably one short book, but nonetheless one book.

If that goes well, I may even begin shopping for an electronic reader. My voraciously reading friend on the plane said that’s the way to go. That way I wouldn’t have to choose a book based on size and whether it would fit in my luggage, right? She recommended the following three.  Any feedback based on experience?

Kindle paperwhite1. Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High Resolution Display with Next-Gen Built-in Light, Wi-Fi – Includes Special Offers

Nook Simple Touch Glowlight12.Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight, Wi-Fi, 2GB, Includes Power Adapter

kobo glo3. Kobo Glow Digital Text Reader

Are you a vacation reader?
If so, perhaps you can give me some thoughts on a great, easy, light, fun, short book I can get for our next trip! :)


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  1. Oh no, I am not a vacation reader.
    If I wanted to read I would stay home!

    There is too much to explore and too many vistas and scenes to “file : save” in my head when I am on vacation.
    Lately my brain has been slipping away to the memories of 2 months ago – when half of the people I know were huddled somewhere up north trying to stay warm.
    I went from the paradise of southwest Florida to the Islands of Puerto Rico, St Thomas, camped 5 days at St John State Park and visited Virgin Gorda in the BVI.
    Can’t wait to get on a boat soon and sail all the US and BVI’s!!!

    I shall never tire of the beauty of the palms!!!