Vacation Anticipation

As I sit at my desk and try to craft an interesting post on something travel related, all I  can do is daydream about an upcoming tropical adventure. As these thoughts have pretty much taken over my brain today, I thought I’d write a little bit about – Vacation Anticipation…

Looking forward to vacation?

For me, a case of Vacation Anticipation usually sets in about a month before departure. At that point I start to think about the feel of the warm Caribbean sunshine on my pasty winter skin, jumping like a kid again into the clear turquoise water and letting the sound of the waves and the coqui frogs lull me to sleep.

The lists begin at that point.
Miniature toothpaste tube – check
Extra camera cards – check
unscreen – double check.

As the time gets a little closer, I accumulate a little pile of things to pack in the corner of my room. I start to think about the taste of a cold and fruity rum punch while sitting on a comfortable lounge chair in the sand with a perfect view of the water.

Music – check.

Sunglasses – check, check.

I can almost taste the Caribbean Lobster or conch.

Vacation Anticipation 4 - O
And I can certainly close my eyes and see a perfect Caribbean sunset…

Vacation Anticipation 5
So is Vacation Anticipation a blessing or unnecessary mental gymnastics?

Given the fact that the actual vacation comes and goes before you know it, I’ve grown a bit fond of my Vacation Anticipation. Why? It allows me to get in and enjoy that vacation state of mind for a longer period of time…

And, upon my return, I immediately do what anyone else with a Tropical Obsession does. (Find out if you have a Tropical Obsession here)
I begin planning my next vacation the day I get back from the last one!

Do you experience Vacation Anticipation too? Tell us about it!


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  1. Janet Byard says:

    OMG! You have been reading my mind! I am already packed! I must say that I had to do a couple of side trips to hold me over to this one!

  2. kathy osborne says:

    We leave FL tomorrow for San Juan PR and then Saturday to Tortola. In my mind, I am already there!

  3. Allyn Fincher says:

    I have been back less than three weeks from the BVI. Before we left, I packed the weekend before. I looked at the website for the Windjammer Cruise everyday about a month before. Now I sit in my office and day dream about the water. I am hoping to go to Belize next year. I started researching the trip the last day when we were in St. Thomas. I got it bad…