Exploring The Baths, Virgin Gorda

What’s it like to hike the trail through The Baths on Virgin Gorda? 

A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to take another great hike through the boulders of The Baths to Devils Bay in Virgin Gorda. It was our 4th time to experience this amazing area and although there had been some changes made since our last visit, it was just as intriguing and awe-inspiring as ever.

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The Baths, Virgin Gorda

Beach access has been limited to dinghy’s – which I’m sure is due to the large amount of people wanting to access the trail from their boats. If you are unable to swim about 50 yds from the roped off area where they’d like dinghy’s to drop boaters off, they are recommending that you go ashore at Spanish Town and take a taxi over.

We thought we’d just add a few new pics to the post we did of our last visit (The Baths), but we took a lot more pictures this time of the actual hike through the boulders from The Baths to Devil’s Bay, so we thought we’d write a new post and highlight what it’s like to hike the trail.

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Entrance to the trail through The Baths

It was high season and we knew The Baths would be packed from about 10 – 3, so we showed up at about 3:30. Our dinghy dropped us off at the ropes and we swam to shore – electing not to take towels or even shoes because of the swim in. Previously we wore water shoes and I’d recommend them if you’ve got sensitive feet.


Sign at the entrance to the trail

The initial entrance is but a small opening between two large rocks. Once through it opens up to a trail. Look for small cairns (rock piles) marking the trail as you go.

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One of the most photographed areas of The Baths is called The Cathedral

Not too far from the start you come across The Cathedral – one of the most photographed areas of The Baths. It looks different every time you visit depending on the light and the tide.


Using a rope attached to the rock to maneuver their way through a tricky spot

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Crystal clear pools of water between the colorful rocks

There’s another cool area to explore around every corner.

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One of the wooden ladders on the trail

Make your way over the boulders and through the pools with the assist of wooden ladders and platforms along the way.

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Part of the trail through the mammoth boulders

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Making our way up another ladder

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Boulders and clear pools

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Not much farther now


Taking time to enjoy the sunshine and scenery

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Directional sign on the trail

Once you get to this directional sign, you’re almost to Devil’s Bay.

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Getting to the end of the trail

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Devil’s Bay, Virgin Gorda

You’re rewarded at the end of the trail with the sights of beautiful Devils’ Bay. Be sure to leave enough time to enjoy the clear, blue water before making your way back – or up to The Top of The Baths for a well deserved beverage!


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