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Watermelon Daiquiri

 Summer is in full swing and that means watermelon season! If you’re a fan of watermelon, you’ll probably love the taste of this cool rum drink with a touch of sweetness and a little added tartness. Add a little more sugar for a sweeter drink or a little more lime juice to tarten it up! Enjoy the taste of summer!

Watermelon Daiquiri - copyright Rum Therapy
Watermelon Daiquiri

(makes one)

1 c. cubed watermelon
3/4 c. ice
1-1/2 oz. white rum
1 tsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. lime juice
1/8 c. coconut milk

Blend all ingredients until smooth, pour into sugar rimmed glass. Garnish with a wedge of watermelon.

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Friends Foto’s – Sunset in the Tropics

We knew we’d get to see some great photo’s with this weeks theme and we weren’t disappointed. After looking at these photo’s from our tropic loving FB friends, you might just be ready to book your next tropical vacation!

Thanks to all who submitted pictures for our 4 Friend’s Foto’s posts. We wish we could have posted them all, but certainly enjoyed looking at every one of them. In case you missed the other themes, they were:

Great Meal in a Tropical Location
Tropical Selfies
A Drink in the Tropics

Now, sit back and enjoy some wonderful photos of Sunsets in the Tropics!


Sunset over Cruz Bay, St. John by Noelle Campbell

photo: Noelle Campbell
I took a quick trip to St John in May 2013 and didn’t have a good sunset until my last night there. I came back to Cruz Bay from Cinnamon Bay at the perfect time to catch this amazing sunset. The beach to my left was full of people, as were the bars that line the beach. I love how people stop what they’re doing to watch the sunset in the islands.


Philipsburg, St. Maarten Sunset by Jerrod and Tracy Reed

photo: Jerrod and Tracy Reed
Watching the sunset over Philipsburg, St. Maarten.
This was from our trip last February. Love going to the friendly island!

Jason Williams

Sunset in Cane Garden Bay by Jason Wilson

photo: Jason Wilson
Here is one of my sunset pics from Cane Garden Bay in November 2011. My fiancee and I stayed there at Agape Cottages for a few days before we headed over to Jost for our wedding! Ivan was the “flower girl” and an official witness to the wedding. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting for the ceremony.


Sunset in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic by Karen Schneider

photo: Karen Schneider
This was taken in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic…The best vacation ever! Going back this year!


Key West Sunset by Tod Olczak

photo: Tod Olczak
My wife and I decided not to fight the crowds at Mallory Square for our first Key West sunset, so we opted for a sunset cruise.  It was a great way to watch the show without having to fight the crowds.


Sunset in St. Lucia by Michelle Remice

photo: Michelle Remice
Reduit beach from Bay Gardens Bar in St Lucia


Treasure Beach Sunset in Jamaica by Lynn Mohamad

photo: Lynn Mohamad
The photo is of the landmark Buttonwood Tree overlooking Frenchman’s Bay in Treasure Beach.


Cruz Bay Sunset by Anne Olsen

photo: Anne Olsen
I went to St John with friends this past April for the first time. This was the sunset as we were having dinner at the Waterfront Bistro. It is so beautiful there. We had the most amazing time!


Roatan Sunset by Natalie Trimm

photo: Natalie Trimm
West Bay Beach, Roatan 2014
Tourists taking in one of may of Roatan’s amaaaaaaazing sunsets. 


Bradenton Beach, Florida Sunset and Storm by Catherine Hackert

photo: Catherine Hackert
Sunset and storm at Bradenton Beach, Florida

Thanks again to ALL who submitted photos!

Pamela and John

Rum Therapy

Swimming with the Turtles of Tobago Cays

Turtles are not uncommon to see while snorkeling in the Caribbean, although every time I see one I still get a little excited. But this snorkel was different.

We had some time to explore the southeastern shore of Baradal – one of the small islands in the beautiful chain of islands in the Grenadines known as the Tobago Cays. There is a turtle reserve in the clear shallow waters here and we were told that you almost always will see turtles – green turtles and hawksbill turtles- feeding on sea grass there.

The area is phenomenal for snorkeling period, with it’s ultra clear water and abundant sea life and we were anxious to look below the surface.

copyright Rum Therapy

Almost immmediately I spotted several turtles, one quite close! Now I’m not one to feverishly swim after underwater wildlife (except for that one time that I chased a barracuda while snorkeling – not knowing what it was…NOW I DO.), so I stayed put, calmly just floating in the clearest water I’d ever seen. Both turtles swam away, probably searching for just the right patch of succulent sea grass. But suddenly, one of them turned around and came back my way.

copyright Rum Therapy

 As I floated there over his feeding ground, he swam right up to me! At first I wasn’t sure if I should be a little nervous or what. I’ve never heard of a green turtle attack on anyone so I continued to watch in amazement. He swam around me and under me – did I look different than other snorkelers?

copyright Rum Therapy

Gliding in the grass

copyright Rum Therapy

Green turtle close up

copyright Rum Therapy

Pulling sea grass from the ocean floor

He was so close that I could even hear him yanking the sea grass out of the ocean floor.

copyright Rum Therapy

Green turtle in Tobago Cays

After what seemed to be quite a long time (it was probably just a few minutes!) my new turtle friend swam off to re-join the others.

Sure enjoyed my close encounter of the turtle kind. Sure nice of him to share his space with me.

Find Baradal on our St. Vincent and the Grenadines Map

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Friends Foto’s – A Drink in the Tropics

This weeks Friends Foto submissions left us thirsty and longing for time on a beautiful beach. It’s been so much fun seeing the tropics through your eyes. Thank you all for sharing your great pics.

Not only did we have the usual trouble of choosing which pictures to post (if we add too many, you wouldn’t be able to open the post!), but we also had a heck of a time picking the one to use for the cover. In the end we chose the one we did, not only ’cause it’s a great picture, but we kinda liked the explanation too :)


Rum Drinks – Treasure Cay, Abaco by Cari Rioux

photo: Cari Rioux
My name is Cari Rioux and I took this picture when we arrived to our destination in Treasure Cay, Abaco.  We had a Goombay Punch, Pina Colada and a Bahama Mama!  The first of many different Rum Therapy’s on many different Cay’s.


The next two photos are from Carol Rocco who sent in 6 stunning photos of Drinks in the Tropics. When I asked about them, she said, “a year of living in the Caribbean makes for 10,000 awesome pics”. She and her husband had just returned from living on St. John for a year. You can check out their fun blog on their year in the Caribbean here:

We picked two of Carol’s photos for this theme, although if we had room, we would have added them all!


Stoli & Grapefruit in Dominica by Carol Rocco

photo: Carol Rocco
Stoli/Grapefruit – Made with fresh grapefruit picked right off the tree in Dominica!


Cruzan by an infinity pool by Carol Rocco

photo: Carol Rocco
Cruzan infinity pool view on St John

Tony Dupuy

Rum Punch served in coconuts in Grand Bahama by Tony Dupuy

photo: Toni Dupuy
I took this pic at Paradise Cove, Grand Bahama. We had rum punch served right in the coconuts and drank them at this quaint little beach shack in the Bahamas! Elvis cut the coconuts fresh while we watched and mixed the rum punch himself.


The next two photos are from Carol Lassiter who also sent in a number of great shots. We especially like the first one, ’cause that’s the same look we have when we get a taste of our first rum drink on vacation!


Drinks at High Tide, St. John by Colleen Lassiter

photo: Colleen Lassiter


Drinks in St. John by Colleen Lassiter

photo: Colleen Lassiter


Lot 12 koozie on the beach in Cozumel, Mexico by Michelle Tarbush

photo: Michelle Tarbush
Location: Cozumel Mexico
Why it’s special:  We are from Dallas and a part of a group called “Lot 12”. Who get together for big Country/Tropical concerts (Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown, etc) and tailgate. We missed the biggest concert of our time yesterday for George Strait’s Cowboy Rides Away concert with many artists. We ended up taking our Lot 12 koozie with us to the beach to take a picture and remind our Lot 12 Family we were thinking of them.


Painkillers at The Beach Bar, St. John by Kristi Landis

photo: Kristi Landis
Painkillers (happy hour) at The Beach Bar on St. John


Rum Punch in Cruz Bay, St. John by Lynn Mohamad

photo: Lynn Mohamad
This Rum Punch photo was taken in Cruz Bay, St. John.
Sitting and relaxing in one of the beach bars on the waterfront in Cruz Bay is always a special experience: great views, delicious tropical drinks, waves lapping on the beach a few feet away and beautiful sunsets.

Beer in Nassau at Christmas by Joe O’Sullivan

photo: Joe O’Sullivan
It isn’t a great rum drink (the Goombay Smashes came later that week) but it was a great beer in Nassau at Christmas time.


Great Mudslide at Iggies at Bolongo Bay, St. Thomas by Mark and Terry Webb

photo: Mark and Terry Webb
My family and I travel to the US and BVI as often as possible from 1 to 3 trips a yr.  We have a ritual of stopping as soon as we get the car rental to stop at a different location for a welcome to the Islands beverage. It is so much fun!!! We love the Islands!!  And the mudslides!!!

Thanks again for ALL submissions!

Watch for the last Friends Foto Theme to be announced this coming Sunday!

10 Things You Really Should Experience While in Jamaica

One of the largest islands in the Caribbean, Jamaica has something to offer just about everyone. From its beautiful beaches to its lush green mountains, travelers to Jamaica can find a variety of things to see and do. Although experiencing all of Jamaica could take quite a long time, if you’re only there for a short vacation, there are a few things that you just shouldn’t miss and in our opinion, these are a few of them.

Jamaica has a wide variety of cuisine choices from traditional Jamaican fare to modern plates, but there are a few dishes we think you should search for:

copyright Rum Therapy

Steamed Snapper and Shrimp

1. Fresh fish and seafood
From Red Snapper, Lobster, Shrimp, Conch, Eel, and Squid to Shark you can find savory choices that are grilled, steamed, roasted or prepared ala escovitch. The savory tastes are something you won’t soon forget. One of the places best known in Jamaica for seafood is Little Ochie, located on the islands south coast.

copyright Rum Therapy

Jerk Chicken Pizza

2. Jerk
A style of cooking native to Jamaica. Traditionally, jerk seasoning (a mixture of Scotch Bonnet peppers and allspice and can also include other spices such as nutmeg, thyme, garlic, cloves or cinnamon)  is dry-rubbed or marinated on chicken and pork. Today you can also find the seasoning used on dishes such as fish , beef and lamb. You can find jerk seasoned dishes in most restaurants in Jamaica, and Scotchies with 3 locations in Jamaica is known as a good place to try some authentic jerk.

copyright Rum Therapy

Ripe ackee on the tree

3. Fruit
Jamaica is a beautiful and fertile island and in addition to some of the better known tropical fruits such as banana, papaya, mango and pomegranate, the island bountifully grows such interesting fruits as ackee (the national fruit of Jamaica and can be poisonous until it ripens), breadfruit, sorrel, soursop, stinking toe, naseberry, jackfruit, hog plum and mammy. 

copyright Rum Therapy

Fresh fruit stand in the mountains

Fresh fruit stands and local vendors can be found selling their freshly picked goods and will even tell you how to prepare the fruits or look for many of them in local restaurants.


You’ve got to have something to wash all of that wonderful Jamaican food down with and here are a few very good choices.

copyright Rum Therapy

Rum punch made with Appleton Rum

4. Rum
Rum. Yum. Home of some of the best rums in the Caribbean, be sure to sample any of the local rums – some of which can stand on their own (Appleton Reserve, 12 and 21 Year) and others that are best in a mixed cocktail (Wray and Nephew Overproof). If you’re a fan of rum cream, be sure to enjoy some Sangster’s Jamaican Rum Cream. Heck, you might want to bring home a bottle too.

copyright Rum Therapy

Tasting the molasses at the Appleton Rum Factory Tour

And – if you’re a real fan of Appleton Estate Rums, or rum in general, you might want to consider a tour of the Appleton Rum Factory. The estate is not easy to get to, but you get to see the beautiful Jamaican countryside on the way along with fields and fields of sugarcane – and you get to sample many of the rums in the Appleton Estate Family.

copyright Rum Therapy

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

5. Blue Mountain Coffee
Grown at 5,500 feet about sea level in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, the coffee beans grown for Blue Mountain Coffee are nurtured by a constant mist and nutrient dense soil. The coffee is rich and smooth and is served in many Jamaican establishments, including resorts and hotels. You can also buy beans in local shops to take home.

copyright Rum Therapy

Seven Mile Beach, Negril

6. Seven Mile Beach
Jamaica is a large island and known for beautiful beaches. 
If you only have the time to see one beach while in Jamaica, you should consider Seven Mile Beach in Negril. Yes, Seven Mile Beach is dotted with hotels, bars, restaurants and sometimes has a good amount of beach “vendors” who try to sell you everything from jewelry to fruits (and other crops), to services such as parasailing, but most times a polite “no thank you” will do if you are not interested.

Seven Mile Beach is, however, nearly seven miles of soft, white sand with crystal clear, calm water that can enjoyed while walking, wading, swimming, floating, paddleboarding, and kayaking.  Seven miles of beautiful.

copyright Rum Therapy

Live music at the Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour

 7. Live Music
Most of us are well aware of the reggae roots in Jamaica, but Jamaicans have been a powerful source of other types of World Music as well. Although many of the resorts offer live music events and some restaurants and bars as well such as Alfred’s in Negril, be sure to watch for any festivals and street dances that may give you the opportunity to experience live roots, jazz, blues, dub, folk, and more.

copyright Rum Therapy

YS Falls

8. Waterfalls
With lots of moisture and mountains, you’re bound to get some waterfalls and Jamaica has several great ones to explore. Dunn’s River Falls, close to Ocho Rios, is the most popular waterfall in Jamaica and can get quite busy with cruise shop excursions – so, if you have the time, you might want to wander a little further to YS Falls or Mayfield Falls to experience the beauty without the crowds.

copyright Rum Therapy

Rick’s Cafe, Negril

9. Bars
You’ve heard of some of Rick’s Cafe and Floyd’s Pelican Bar and the Margaritaville’s in Negril, Ocho and Mo Bay, but don’t overlook some of the great local and not so famous bars in Jamaica that are great places to mingle with the locals as well and other tourists and perhaps get a taste of the real Jamaica. Find them on many of the beaches or in some of the smaller towns you may pass through.

copyright Rum Therapy

Jewel Runaway Bay All-Inclusive Resort

10. All-Inclusive Resorts
Some people absolutely love the all-inclusive vacation concept and if you’re one of them, Jamaica is one of the islands that excel in All-Inclusive Resort offerings such as Jewel Runaway Bay. From opulent to budget minded, there are resorts geared to make your vacation as stress free as possible by including food, beverages and watersports in your accommodation packages.

Enjoy your Jamaican Vacation!


Check out our Jamaica Map for locations of things to see and do in Jamaica

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Corsairs Beach Bar & Restaurant, Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke has more than it’s share of interesting beach bars scattered along its beautiful beaches and Corsairs, found on Great Harbour, is certainly one of them.

copyright Rum Therapy

Corsairs Beach Bar & Restaurant, Jost Van Dyke

Corsairs is not hard to find for a couple of reasons. First, Great Harbour – although great – is not large and you can walk the entire length of it in just a few minutes. Secondly, the exterior of Corsairs is pink – kind of hard to miss. Actually, the pink exterior is kind of ironic, given the owner, Vinnie, is a tough looking biker who spends half the year in Colorado running a Harley Davidson store.

copyright Rum Therapy

Vinnie behind the bar

Corsairs is a great place to spend the afternoon sipping on Wench Juices or Pirate Punch’s while lounging on the front porch or swinging in the hammock, but don’t overlook the eclectic and tasty menu. We totally enjoyed some Conch Fritters with Goat Cheese Aioli during a recent visit and ordered some excellent pizza that Corsairs delivered to our cottage at White Bay Villas and Seaside Cottages during a previous stay on Jost Van Dyke. We’ve heard that other Italian offerings are excellent as well as some of their fresh seafood dishes such as Stuffed Lobster.

copyright Rum Therapy

Beach and hammock in front of Corsairs

If your boat is moored in Great Harbour, you can beach your dinghy right in front of Corsairs.

copyright Rum Therapy

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Clothes, No Problem (Pirates Welcome)

copyright Rum Therapy

Vinny’s “ride”

copyright Rum Therapy

Corsairs Bar

copyright Rum Therapy

Corsairs eclectic decor

copyright Rum Therapy

Dining area is small, so call ahead for dinner reservations

copyright Rum Therapy

Corsairs at night

Next time you find yourself in Great Harbour, be sure to stop in and say hey to Vinnie and enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or just drinks. According to their website, it’s also a good place to book for a Wedding, Divorce party, Bachelor party, Bachlorette party, Pity party, or any other Special Occasion!

For more information, check out their website:
Corsairs Beach Bar & Restaurant

and Facebook page.

Find Corsairs on our Jost Van Dyke Map


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Friends Foto’s – Tropical Selfies

We had SO much fun this week checking out your Tropical Selfie submissions! We received a bunch of  great pics and had trouble narrowing them down, so are including as many as possible! Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo – they were all really good. Really wish we could have included them all. Be sure to check for a new Friends Foto theme on Sunday.

If you’re like us, these tropical “selfies” will truly put you in the mood for a tropical vacation!



Excellence Resort Dominican Republic by Ron and Shelly Vail

photo: Ron and Shelly Vail

What made the experience special? Rest and relaxation for our 20th anniversary.


Drinks at Soggy Dollar Bar, White Bay , Jost Van Dyke by Steve and Melissa Beaver

photo: Steve and Melissa Beaver

What made the experience special? We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in the islands!


Turks and Caicos Islands by Valerie Faber

photo: Valerie Faber

What?  Happy Toes Selfie
Where?  Turks & Caicos Islands
Why so special?  My customary 1st Bambarra Rum Punch in my ‘home away from home’ after surviving a Chicagoland winter



Scott Moosbrugger getting photobombed by flamingos in Aruba

photo: Scott Moosbrugger

This is me, Scott Moosbrugger, taken on Renaissance Island, Aruba, and it was great having seven flamingos that you could hand feed right at the beach.



Sandy Beach Island, The Grenadines by Robin Bartoo

photo: Robin Bartoo

Only recently have time and money converged to allow me to travel. My long held vision of a perfect tropical beach came true when the SV Mandalay anchored off Sandy Beach Island near Grenada. The moment my toes touched the sand I was living my dream. An empty island, countless fish for snorkeling, perfectly blue water and a sigh of blissful contentment.



Cozumel by Trish Glen

photo: Trish Glen

My name is Trish Glenn, aka caribbeanpanprincess. I’m a steel drum player from the not so Caribbean Chicago suburbs. This was just one fabulous day spent with some of my bandmates on the island of Cozumel! We were having a great time at a reggae bar near the south end of the island here.

Editors Note: Trish’s band is The band is called Steel Crazy. Check ’em out here: and on Facebook at Steel Crazy Steelband.



Isla Pasion, Passion Island, Cozumel by Kerry DeSpain

photo: Kerry DeSpain

This pic was taken at Isla Pasion, Passion Island, Cozumel Mexico 2012, while on the Carnival Conquest. It was taken with my GoPro camera, I was walking the beach and snorkeling when I came across this conch shell!



Maho Bay, St. Maarten by Natalie Trimm

photo: Natalie Trimm

My children’s first SXM vacation. They had a blast with the “jet blast” and I enjoyed watching the planes come in over beautiful Maho Bay!



Sailing in the Leeward Island by Sherry Whitten

photo: Sherry Whitten

My happy feet and the beautiful waves on a passage in the Leeward Islands –  This was a bucket list trip that I’ve wanted to do for 30 years – St. Thomas, St. John, St. Kitts, Nevis, Montserrat, Antigua, St. Barts, Anguilla, Virgin Gorda,  Tortola, and back to St. Thomas.  This picture reminds me of the great time we had.



Limin’ House, Tortola by Jeremy Wyman

photo: Jeremy Wyman

Two of my brothers-in-law and I overlooking Soper’s Hole from a house pool (‘Limin’ House’) on the West End of Tortola.

What makes this special?   Sipping rum drinks while relaxing, laughing, and enjoying good company in the Virgin Islands with family.  This was a trip taken with 4 sisters and their husbands; the first and only (so far) vacation we’ve all taken together.  We had the best time; the whole week was an absolute blast!!

A big thanks to everyone who submitted a photo!

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Le Sand, Baie Nettle, St. Martin

We set out to write about a pretty stretch of sand we spotted while exploring St. Martin between Baie Rouge and Marigot, but ended up focusing on a new (at the time of our visit) beach bar/restaurant on Baie Nettle, or Nettle Bay, called Le Sand.

copyright Rum Therapy

Le Sand Beach, Bar and Restaurant, St. Martin

We parked in the parking lot behind Le Sand and walked between Le Sand and Dreams Beach to get a look at Baie Nettle. The beach was nearly empty and gorgeous! Once we feasted our eyes on the white sand, blue water, view of Marigot and very inviting seating, we ended up staying a while…

copyright Rum Therapy

A variety of beach lounges are available for patrons of Le Sand

Turns out, Le Sand had just recently opened and apparently the word had not gotten out yet. We didn’t mind –  we had the beach almost completely to ourselves and enjoyed a few beverages while lounging in the sun and chatting with the friendly staff.

copyright Rum Therapy

Beautiful Baie Nettle as seen from Le Sand

copyright Rum Therapy

Marigot in the distance

We decided not to stay for dinner as we were heading back to Dawn Beach that evening and were still engorged satisfied from yet another visit earlier that morning to Sarafina’s in Marigot.

That, apparently was our loss because since our visit, both Le Sand and and it’s next door neighbor,  Dreams Beach, have become highly recommended for their gourmet French cuisine – some say even rivaling some of their competition in Grand Case. Wow – that’s some stiff competition!

copyright Rum Therapy

Dining area at Le Sand overlooking beautiful Baie Nettle

Have you been to Le Sand yet? If so, let us know what you thought!

Find Le Sand and Baie Nettle on our St. Maarten/St. Martin Map


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Love City Radio – The Sound of St. John

Just recently, Facebook friend Patrick B. turned us on to a new radio station started by St. John residents Kevin Burgess and Jamie Gladman. Love City Radio is as diverse as beautiful St. John itself, and offers up selections from reggae to country to pop – an eclectic mix that evokes the feeling of relaxing in your favorite St. John bar and enjoying some music while kicking back and sipping a cold brew. (perhaps an Island Hoppin’ IPA from St. John Brewers?)


Love City Radio, St. John, USVI

Jamie, who had 15 years of experience in radio in Kansas City, now does advertising and print work for local businesses on St. John. Kevin owns Wet Woody’s Boat Charters and St. John A/V, a custom audio/video and home technology company.  Together, they launched the new station in December 2013 and are already experiencing a great response from those of us in need of an occasional (or constant) St John fix.

According to Kevin, there are several ways people can interact with Love City Radio. Song requests can be made through,  Facebook, and Twitter by using #LCRsongrequest. They also send out free stickers if  listeners contact them and provide their mailing address. Listeners often post photos on the Love City Radio Facebook page when they receive their stickers and also of themselves listening to the station.

I just requested a Love City Radio sticker and now am gonna go kick back and enjoy some Love City Radio tunes. Currently playing: Biggie Irie – Carnival Again :)

To see more posts on St. John and other islands, check out our Island Blog Directory

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Scotchies, Jamaica

If you want to try authentic jerk cuisine while vacationing in Jamaica, you should consider a visit to Scotchies. Scotchies has three locations in Jamaica, the original restaurant is just outside Montego Bay and the others can be found outside of Ocho Rios and Kingston.

We visited the Scotchies close to Ocho Rios during a stay in Runaway Bay.

copyright Rum Therapy

Scotchies, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

The aroma hit us as soon as we got out of the car. Smoky, barbecue deliciousness…mmm…could hardly wait.

copyright Rum Therapy

Preparing Jerk Chicken

Jerk chicken, pork and fish are barbecued in the traditional style over pimento wood.

copyright Rum Therapy

Pork on the barbeque

copyright Rum Therapy

Pork Rum Ribs every Tuesday

Awww – shoot! Just missed the Pork Rum Ribs.

copyright Rum Therapy

Scotchies Menu

We ordered 1/4 lb of chicken and 1/4 lb of pork. There were also some delicious sides such as rice & beans, festival (a delightful slightly sweet cake or roll that is said to be a perfect accompaniment to spicy jerk dishes), and roasted breadfruit. Foregoing the sides for a Red Stripe (we were only 3 days into our all-inclusive stay at Jewel Runaway Bay and already had minimal room for a full meal!), we sat down at the bar to enjoy our foil wrapped and succulent jerk.

copyright Rum Therapy

Jerk Chicken, Pork and a Red Stripe at Scotchies

Plenty of room to sit outside and dine as well.

copyright Rum Therapy

Outside dining at Scotchies, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Beautiful grounds and great food. We especially dug the jerk pork. So good. Next time we’ll leave room for the sides too – hmmm. Or maybe just more meat…

Find Scotchies on our Jamaica Map

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