Friends Foto’s – A Drink in the Tropics

This weeks Friends Foto submissions left us thirsty and longing for time on a beautiful beach. It’s been so much fun seeing the tropics through your eyes. Thank you all for sharing your great pics.

Not only did we have the usual trouble of choosing which pictures to post (if we add too many, you wouldn’t be able to open the post!), but we also had a heck of a time picking the one to use for the cover. In the end we chose the one we did, not only ’cause it’s a great picture, but we kinda liked the explanation too :)


Rum Drinks – Treasure Cay, Abaco by Cari Rioux

photo: Cari Rioux
My name is Cari Rioux and I took this picture when we arrived to our destination in Treasure Cay, Abaco.  We had a Goombay Punch, Pina Colada and a Bahama Mama!  The first of many different Rum Therapy’s on many different Cay’s.


The next two photos are from Carol Rocco who sent in 6 stunning photos of Drinks in the Tropics. When I asked about them, she said, “a year of living in the Caribbean makes for 10,000 awesome pics”. She and her husband had just returned from living on St. John for a year. You can check out their fun blog on their year in the Caribbean here:

We picked two of Carol’s photos for this theme, although if we had room, we would have added them all!


Stoli & Grapefruit in Dominica by Carol Rocco

photo: Carol Rocco
Stoli/Grapefruit – Made with fresh grapefruit picked right off the tree in Dominica!


Cruzan by an infinity pool by Carol Rocco

photo: Carol Rocco
Cruzan infinity pool view on St John

Tony Dupuy

Rum Punch served in coconuts in Grand Bahama by Tony Dupuy

photo: Toni Dupuy
I took this pic at Paradise Cove, Grand Bahama. We had rum punch served right in the coconuts and drank them at this quaint little beach shack in the Bahamas! Elvis cut the coconuts fresh while we watched and mixed the rum punch himself.


The next two photos are from Carol Lassiter who also sent in a number of great shots. We especially like the first one, ’cause that’s the same look we have when we get a taste of our first rum drink on vacation!


Drinks at High Tide, St. John by Colleen Lassiter

photo: Colleen Lassiter


Drinks in St. John by Colleen Lassiter

photo: Colleen Lassiter


Lot 12 koozie on the beach in Cozumel, Mexico by Michelle Tarbush

photo: Michelle Tarbush
Location: Cozumel Mexico
Why it’s special:  We are from Dallas and a part of a group called “Lot 12”. Who get together for big Country/Tropical concerts (Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown, etc) and tailgate. We missed the biggest concert of our time yesterday for George Strait’s Cowboy Rides Away concert with many artists. We ended up taking our Lot 12 koozie with us to the beach to take a picture and remind our Lot 12 Family we were thinking of them.


Painkillers at The Beach Bar, St. John by Kristi Landis

photo: Kristi Landis
Painkillers (happy hour) at The Beach Bar on St. John


Rum Punch in Cruz Bay, St. John by Lynn Mohamad

photo: Lynn Mohamad
This Rum Punch photo was taken in Cruz Bay, St. John.
Sitting and relaxing in one of the beach bars on the waterfront in Cruz Bay is always a special experience: great views, delicious tropical drinks, waves lapping on the beach a few feet away and beautiful sunsets.

Beer in Nassau at Christmas by Joe O’Sullivan

photo: Joe O’Sullivan
It isn’t a great rum drink (the Goombay Smashes came later that week) but it was a great beer in Nassau at Christmas time.


Great Mudslide at Iggies at Bolongo Bay, St. Thomas by Mark and Terry Webb

photo: Mark and Terry Webb
My family and I travel to the US and BVI as often as possible from 1 to 3 trips a yr.  We have a ritual of stopping as soon as we get the car rental to stop at a different location for a welcome to the Islands beverage. It is so much fun!!! We love the Islands!!  And the mudslides!!!

Thanks again for ALL submissions!

Watch for the last Friends Foto Theme to be announced this coming Sunday!