Friends Foto’s – Tropical Selfies

We had SO much fun this week checking out your Tropical Selfie submissions! We received a bunch of  great pics and had trouble narrowing them down, so are including as many as possible! Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo – they were all really good. Really wish we could have included them all. Be sure to check for a new Friends Foto theme on Sunday.

If you’re like us, these tropical “selfies” will truly put you in the mood for a tropical vacation!



Excellence Resort Dominican Republic by Ron and Shelly Vail

photo: Ron and Shelly Vail

What made the experience special? Rest and relaxation for our 20th anniversary.


Drinks at Soggy Dollar Bar, White Bay , Jost Van Dyke by Steve and Melissa Beaver

photo: Steve and Melissa Beaver

What made the experience special? We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in the islands!


Turks and Caicos Islands by Valerie Faber

photo: Valerie Faber

What?  Happy Toes Selfie
Where?  Turks & Caicos Islands
Why so special?  My customary 1st Bambarra Rum Punch in my ‘home away from home’ after surviving a Chicagoland winter



Scott Moosbrugger getting photobombed by flamingos in Aruba

photo: Scott Moosbrugger

This is me, Scott Moosbrugger, taken on Renaissance Island, Aruba, and it was great having seven flamingos that you could hand feed right at the beach.



Sandy Beach Island, The Grenadines by Robin Bartoo

photo: Robin Bartoo

Only recently have time and money converged to allow me to travel. My long held vision of a perfect tropical beach came true when the SV Mandalay anchored off Sandy Beach Island near Grenada. The moment my toes touched the sand I was living my dream. An empty island, countless fish for snorkeling, perfectly blue water and a sigh of blissful contentment.



Cozumel by Trish Glen

photo: Trish Glen

My name is Trish Glenn, aka caribbeanpanprincess. I’m a steel drum player from the not so Caribbean Chicago suburbs. This was just one fabulous day spent with some of my bandmates on the island of Cozumel! We were having a great time at a reggae bar near the south end of the island here.

Editors Note: Trish’s band is The band is called Steel Crazy. Check ’em out here: and on Facebook at Steel Crazy Steelband.



Isla Pasion, Passion Island, Cozumel by Kerry DeSpain

photo: Kerry DeSpain

This pic was taken at Isla Pasion, Passion Island, Cozumel Mexico 2012, while on the Carnival Conquest. It was taken with my GoPro camera, I was walking the beach and snorkeling when I came across this conch shell!



Maho Bay, St. Maarten by Natalie Trimm

photo: Natalie Trimm

My children’s first SXM vacation. They had a blast with the “jet blast” and I enjoyed watching the planes come in over beautiful Maho Bay!



Sailing in the Leeward Island by Sherry Whitten

photo: Sherry Whitten

My happy feet and the beautiful waves on a passage in the Leeward Islands –  This was a bucket list trip that I’ve wanted to do for 30 years – St. Thomas, St. John, St. Kitts, Nevis, Montserrat, Antigua, St. Barts, Anguilla, Virgin Gorda,  Tortola, and back to St. Thomas.  This picture reminds me of the great time we had.



Limin’ House, Tortola by Jeremy Wyman

photo: Jeremy Wyman

Two of my brothers-in-law and I overlooking Soper’s Hole from a house pool (‘Limin’ House’) on the West End of Tortola.

What makes this special?   Sipping rum drinks while relaxing, laughing, and enjoying good company in the Virgin Islands with family.  This was a trip taken with 4 sisters and their husbands; the first and only (so far) vacation we’ve all taken together.  We had the best time; the whole week was an absolute blast!!

A big thanks to everyone who submitted a photo!

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  1. Trisha Glenn says:

    A big thank you for mentioning my steelband, Steel Crazy! All of us in the band not only love our beautiful instruments and the amazing music they produce, but we also have embraced the island lifestyle for many years. We love sharing that with as many people as we can!!

  2. Natalie Trimm says:

    Great photos everyone!