Sailing the British Virgin Islands on a Crewed Charter, Part 3

Wow – we were already 4 days in to our sailing vacation. How time flies when you’re having so much fun – well, and a little rum!

We woke this morning to this view of Great Harbour from our porthole…

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Morning view of Great Harbour from our porthole

After a delicious breakfast of eggs, fresh pastries and fresh fruit prepared by our lovely cook, we dinghied to Great Harbour to explore just a little more. We then set sail for our next destination, Guana Island, and passed stunning Sandy Cay along the way.

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Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands

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Sailing itinerary Day 4

 After Sandy Cay, we enjoyed a very nice sail around Tortola, passing by some of the harder to reach beaches on Tortola’s North side such as Trunk Bay, Josiah’s Bay and Lambert Bay.

Passing beautiful White Bay on Guana Island, we pulled into Monkey Point, where we spent a few hours snorkeling at one of the best spots on the trip. Here we saw very large tarpon (at least 3 ft!) and schools and schools of small brightly colored minnows.

Next stop – North Sound, Virgin Gorda.

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Leverick Bay, Resort & Marina

We docked that night at colorful Leverick Bay (see more about Leverick Bay here), which allowed us to easily get off the boat and explore the area.

We’d been to Leverick several times in the past, but were never there to enjoy the “singing pirate”, Michael Bean at Jumbiesthat is until this time!

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Michael Bean at Happy Arrr!

It was a fun show – lots of singing, pirate shenanigans and rum punch and we enjoyed Jumbies until the sun went down.

We were welcomed back on the boat with a delicious Happy Arrr of our own. Every evening our crew would prepare a delicious round of lite hors d’oeuvres and a “drink of the day”. Tonight’s drink? A strawberry daiquiri with fresh mint…yum…

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Drink of the Day

Day 5 we awoke with anticipation of a sail to  “the drowned island” – Anegada.

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Day 5 itinerary

Lying approximately 15 miles north of Virgin Gorda, this island just doesn’t look like the others in the BVI chain. Only 28 ft at it’s highest point, it’s flat topography is far different from the other islands. Anegada is surrounded by coral reefs and hundreds of shipwrecks and it takes an experienced captain to safely navigate the sail in – and we were very happy to leave this task in our capable captains hands (another benefit of a crewed charter!)

At about 2 hours, the sail to Anegada was the longest of the trip. It was a gorgeous sunny day with enough wind for a decent sail, but smooth enough that we could do this….

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Enjoying a relaxing sail to Anegada

And a little more of this…

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Making sure the tan is even…

Until we started to get close to Anegada and the water looked like this.

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The shallow, blue water around Anegada

Once safely anchored in Setting Point, we dinghied to shore, rented an open cab truck for the day and set off exploring.

If you’ve yet to visit Anegada, let me tell you, it should be called “Ahhh”negada! The beaches, although devoid of a lot of foliage or palm trees, are simply spectacular. It’s almost hard to describe the water color – electric maybe? First stop – the beach north of Pomato Point.

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Beach north of Pomato Point by Anegada Beach Cottages

And not another soul around….

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Cow Wreck Beach and Beach Bar

We drove on a short way to Cow Wreck Beach and Beach Bar. We could have easily spent a few days here. Great beach – fun beach bar! Find out more about our visit to Cow Wreck here. After an hour or two we pressed on – intent on seeing as much as possible and landed on Loblolly Bay.

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Loblolly Bay

Here we enjoyed some good snorkeling and a beverage at the Big Bamboo Beach Bar.
Read more about our visit to Loblolly here.

Totally sun and salt water drenched, we made our way back to Setting Point and then our boat to enjoy our “drink of the day”, while watching yet another amazing sunset.

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Sunset from our boat in Setting Point

And to top this excellent day off, we cleaned up and went ashore for a Lobster dinner at Potter’s by the Sea. Man, I could get really used to this!

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Dinner at Potter’s by the Sea

Stay tuned for Sailing the British Virgin Islands on a Crewed Charter Part 4, the last couple of days, where we visit The Baths, snorkel The Rhone and spend time on Peter Island.

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