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Frozen Mason Jar Daiquiris

We recently ran across a post from The Yummy Life that showed a recipe, an easy one at that, for flavored frozen fruity daiquiris. Thinking it would be perfect for an upcoming backyard get-together, we set out to mix up a batch.

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From left to right, Mango, Strawberry and Blueberry

Each daiquiri contains a LOT of frozen fruit (guess you could say it’s healthy!) and the taste is simply scrumptious. The best part is, you can mix up a whole bunch of them ahead of time, pour them into 16 oz. mason jars and freeze them until you need them – just leave a little room at the top as they expaned as they freeze! The alcohol keeps them from freezing completely, so just remove them from the freezer about 10 minutes before serving, stir slightly and add a garnish!

Make a batch without the rum for the little ones and designated drivers!

Which one looks tastiest to you?

Frozen Mason Jar Daiquiris
adapted from The Yummy Life
(makes about 4 – 8 oz. servings – each batch fills two 16 oz. mason jars)

3 – 6 oz. frozen lemonade concentrate
(we used about 4 oz. because we like them a little more sweet – less tart)

6 oz. light rum

4 c. frozen fruit
(we made one full batch of each: strawberry, blueberry, mango)

2 c. ice

(optional and to taste) agave, raw sugar, etc. We didn’t need sweetener when we decreased the amount of frozen lemonade concentrate

fresh fruit for garnish

Blend frozen lemonade concentrate, rum, and frozen fruit (and sweetener if needed ) in a blender until smooth. Add ice and blend again until thick and frosty. Pour into a mason jar, garnish and serve, or freeze up to one month in the freezer.

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What to See and Do in North Sound, Virgin Gorda

North Sound is an area of water on the northern tip of Virgin Gorda that is edged not only by Virgin Gorda, but by the  smaller islands of Moskito, Prickly Pear and Saba Rock. North Sound not only offers protected anchorage, lovely resorts, good dining options and watersports, it is a visual treat with beautiful green hills and colorful villas set against it’s stunning blue waters.

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View of North Sound, Virgin Gorda

View of North Sound from Hog Heaven Bar & Grill, high atop Virgin Gorda

While parts of North Sound, such as Leverick Bay and Gun Creek, are accessible by road, many of the other places shown on the map are accessible only by water. A small ferry carries passengers from Gun Creek to Bitter End and also to Saba Rock for dining. Otherwise, dinghy’s and small motor boats are the transportation of choice to explore as much of the area as you can.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to spend some time in North Sound, here are a few things you might want to check out.

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Leverick Bay Resort & Marina

Leverick Bay has accommodations, a small grocery store, a couple of gift shops, two restaurants – Leverick Bay Restaurant and The Cove – and a Bar/Restaurant called Jumbies. Enjoy a rum punch and roti at Jumbies under the shade of a thatched umbrella with your toes in the sand.

During the high season, be sure to check out Michael Bean, the singing pirate, who performs during Happy Arrr Monday through Thursday. On Friday nights, the huge Mocko Jumbies show up for the beach party.

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Michael Bean, The Singing Pirate

Dinghy’s can also be rented for the day from Leverick Bay Marina, but be sure to call ahead to see if you can reserve one. Read about our visits to Leverick Bay here: Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

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Fat Virgin’s Cafe

Leaving Leverick Bay and traveling east past Gun Creek, you’ll spot a little dining spot right on the water named Fat Virgin’s Cafe. Stop by and say hi to owner Esther and order some delicious conch fritters and rum punch. Tasty West Indian-cuisine, friendly people, a gift shop, good drinks and a beautiful view make this a place worth stopping.

Behind Fat Virgin’s Cafe lies the luxury resort – Biras Creek. Accessible only by boat or helicopter this gorgeous resort is the ultimate secluded escape. If you want to dress up (check the dress code) for an excellent dinner experience, call for reservations in the main restaurant a Biras Creek. You’ll be treated to spectacular food and views.

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Bitter End Yacht Club

Just north of Biras Creek, is yet another amazing resort – The Bitter End Yacht Club. Bitter End offers accommodations, fine and casual dining, a sailing school, and a wide variety of water sports and activities. Rent a Hobie Cat and glide across the turquoise waters of the Sound, then stop by the Crawl Pub for a cold beverage and a game of pool or foosball.

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Saba Rock

Saba Rock, a small rock oasis in between Bitter End and Prickly Pear Island, is a popular stop for boaters for it’s  great food and lively bar with comfortable seating – all at the waters edge. Saba Rock also offers a boutique hotel, a small marina, a gift shop and a great view of Eustatia Island. Banana Daiquiris are a Saba Rock specialty and the Anegada Lobster Dinner  is top notch.

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View of Eustatia Island from Saba Rock

See more in our post entitled Saba Rock, British Virgin Islands.

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Sandbox Bar & Grill, Prickly Pear Island

Continuing around the Sound you’ll run into Prickly Pear Island. Vixen Point is one of the best beaches in the area and is also the home of Sandbox Bar & Grill. Play volleyball on the beach, swim in the calm blue water, or just pull up a chair and catch some rays. Lunch, dinner and drinks are available at Sandbox.

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Rum Punch on the beach at Sandbox

Take the hiking path from Sandbox to North Beach, another beautiful beach on Prickly Pear Island with good snorkeling and beautiful views of Eustatia and Necker Islands.

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View of Moskito Island from the dinghy

To round out your day of exploring, dinghy past Moskito Island. This island was purchased recently by Sir Richard Branson who also owns the nearby Necker Island. He has plans to turn Moskito Island into an eco-resort that will use renewable energy.

Have you had the chance to explore the beautiful North Sound of Virgin Gorda? What were the highlights of your time there?


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Wind In Your Sails Punch

We were recently asked by our friend William of Old Mango to create an original rum cocktail in honor of an upcoming sail trip he was about to embark on and photograph. We were up for the challenge and after a bit of experimenting and mixology, we came up with a tasty concoction we named Wind In Your Sails Punch. Originally posted on the Old Mango website, we were recently asked by a FB friend to re-post it on our site for easy reference. Whether you’re about to sail the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean or  just dreaming of being there – enjoy!

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Wind In Your Sails Punch

Wind In Your Sails Punch
(makes one)
recipe by Rum Therapy

1 oz. banana rum (use St. Martin Ma Doudou Vanilla-Banana Rhum or another Banana Rum such as Cruzan)

1 oz. coconut rum

.5 oz. white rum

1/4 c. pineapple juice

1/4 c. orange juice

1/4 c. ginger ale

splash of grenadine

Pour together the rums, juices and ginger ale. Shake over ice then pour into a glass over ice. Add a splash of grenadine and garnish with banana slices, a pineapple wedge or an orange twist. À la vôtre and Proost! (Cheers in French and Dutch!)


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Le Diamant Beach, Martinique

Le Diamant Beach, Martiniquea guest post by author Laura Albritton

“Martinique.” Even this island’s name sounds sexy on the lips – the long drawn out ahhhh, followed by that final, clipped French eeeque. It’s not a place many English-speakers journey to, so maybe it was fate that prodded me to rent a cottage on the southern side of the island in Le Diamant, beside one of the most intoxicating stretches of waterfront I’ve ever experienced. 

A view of Le Diamant Beach with the “Sleeping woman” hills in the background

Photo Credit: Zickie Allgrove


Le Diamant Beach looking to the east

Photo Credit: Zickie Allgrove

A little background: As you might guess, “diamant” means diamond in English, and the 2 ½ mile expanse of beach overlooks le Rocher du Diamant, a.k.a. Diamond Rock, with a swashbuckling history. You see, back in 1804 during the Napoleonic Wars, the English decided that this tiny volcanic island held the key to wresting Martinique away from the French. In a move right out of Monty Python, the British dubbed the rock a Royal Naval vessel, the H.M.S. Diamond Rock, and positioned cannon and some 107 soldiers to defend this inhospitable, stony key.


A view of Diamond Rock from the beach

Photo Credit: Zickie Allgrove

As I gazed at the steep face of le Rocher du Diamant, I wondered how in the world anyone could survive a single night out there….much less 17 months, which is how long the British lasted before surrender.


Le Rocher du Diamant, or Diamond Rock, which the British claimed as a naval war ship

Photo Credit: Zickie Allgrove

These days you can take a dive boat out to explore the incredible sea life that clusters at its base. Or just remain onshore, amid swaths of sand where coconut palms bend low over the Caribbean. Sometimes you sit and see no one, like you’re on a desert island. The surf grows rambunctious in places, tumbling to shore in a dramatic rush of azure and aqua. Perfect for body surfing.

If you come to watch the spectacular sunrise, you may later need a little sustenance. Just across the road, the village’s Boulangerie du Rocher bakes authentic French croissants, with a hundred flaky layers of buttery goodness. A breakfast of chocolate croissants as you’re lounging in the sand? Yes, please!

Around cocktail hour – to indulge in a little rum therapy — head over to New Cap Bar and Restaurant. Sip a ‘Ti Punch as the sun sets over this hypnotic scenery: the Caribbean ocean punctuated by Diamond Rock, glowing in the half light like a brilliant, faceted gem. As they say in French, “La vie est bon.”


Looking out on Diamond Beach from New Cap restaurant and bar


Laura writes about travel, books, and art for publications like The Miami Herald, Sculpture magazine, Harvard Review, The Florida Keys Weekly, and Check out her new guidebook Miami for Families on her website.

Frozen Pineapple Daiquiri

One of the tastiest ingredients used in tropical drinks, in my opinion, is pineapple – fresh pineapple if possible! This frosty drink calls for 1.5 cups of pineapple per drink and for the best taste possible, we used a fresh pineapple cut into chunks. At least half of the pineapple used should be frozen for the creamiest effect.

This drink is considered a daiquiri, which traditionally are not overly sweet and just a bit tart due to the addition of  lime juice. If you like a sweet drink, cut back on the amount of lime juice and bump up the amount of simple syrup added. And if you like your drink even tarter, add more lime to taste!

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Frozen Pineapple Daiquiri

Frozen Pineapple Daiquiri
(makes one)

1.5 c. chunk pineapple (at least half should be frozen)
2 oz. white rum
2 tbsp. simple syrup
1 tsp. fresh lime juice
1 – 1.5 c. ice
pineapple chunks and cherry for garnish

Blend the frozen and fresh pineapple, rum, simple syrup and lime juice. Add ice and blend until smooth and creamy. Garnish with pineapple chunks and a cherry.

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