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Bacardi Rum Factory Tour

On our list of things to experience in Puerto Rico during our recent stay was, of course, the Bacardi Rum Factory Tour in Cataño, PR.

Cataño is on the north side of Puerto Rico – west of San Juan. Although it’s a very popular excursion from hotels and cruise ships in San Juan, we decided to drive on our own since we’d rented a car for the duration of our stay. Surprisingly, the factory wasn’t all that easy to find, although we did eventually arrive after taking a scenic tour of Cataño!

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At the time of our visit, the Bacardi Rum Factory Tour was free of charge and included two free rum drinks which you could choose from the menu below.

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(Since our tour in November 2014,  Bacardi has began charging $12pp for the tour, which apparently includes a rum drink)

The building where the tour originates is quite interesting architecturally – perhaps bat like in shape?

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Tours leave every 30 minutes and we had to wait only about 15 minutes before our tour began, which gave us just enough time to enjoy one of our drinks.

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We boarded a shuttle which slowly toured the grounds while the driver gave us information on the different buildings in the compound.

The tour culminated with a video of the history of Bacardi and a building that simulated processes involved in making Bacardi Rum. We didn’t get to see any actual rum production, but we did enjoy learning about Bacardi and it’s history, their fruit bat logo, the family behind it and of course, a few more tastings at the end of the tour.

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Upon returning to the Visitor’s Center, we meandered through the gift shop, then decided to enjoy a snifter of Bacardi Reserva Limitada (extra charge – but you get to take the snifter with you).

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We would have liked to see some of the inner workings of the Bacardi Rum Factory, but I’m sure due to the throngs of people that visit Bacardi – the logistics would be difficult. Even though this tour is more commercial than other rum factory tours we’ve experienced, if you enjoy rum and Bacardi products, you probably would enjoy the Bacardi Rum Factory Tour.

Have you taken the tour? If so, did you enjoy it?

Find the Bacardi Rum Factory on our Puerto Rico Map

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Rumantic Kiss Cocktail

Do you like rum and want to make a delicious pre-dinner drink for your valentine? You might be feeling “rum”antic and this recipe may be just what your looking for. Follow the recipe for a slightly sweet, light cocktail. Like it sweeter? Try rimming the glass with a little sugar.

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Rumantic Kiss Cocktail
(makes 2)

2 oz. white rum
6 oz. pomegranate juice
1-1/2 oz. grenadine (or strawberry syrup if you can find it)
4 oz. champagne
 fresh strawberry or chocolate covered strawberry for garnish

Pour rum, pomegranate juice, grenadine and champagne over ice and gently shake. Strain into two glasses and garnish with a fresh strawberry or chocolate covered strawberry.

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