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We don’t really watch a lot of TV. A few shows here and there, but we can normally take it or leave it. With the exception of one show lately. One show that we either look forward to watching every week or record. And if it’s a repeat…well, let’s just say that can spoil the whole evening.

What show is it? Caribbean Life. New episodes air every Sunday evening and we are glued to each one. Face it – the thought of selling everything and moving to a Caribbean island can be quite alluring – especially when the weather outside your current residence is decidedly less than tropical.

A mansion on St. Croix, a house in the jungle in Belize, a condo on the beach in Grand Cayman; all featuring steel drum music, beautiful beach scenes and, of course, delicious tropical drinks. Each new episode gets us thinking about what it would truly be like to live in the paradise that we can’t wait to vacation in.

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But the reality of island life is not always pretty. Prices are high, power outages frequent and those darn tourists. I recently read an article entitled “You Might Be A Island Girl If…” on the blog Women Who Live On Rocks. It humorously outlines some of the realities of life in the tropics such as: 1. DEET is your new fragrance and 2. You’ve grown to rather enjoy a navy shower.

But still – could you take the island inconveniences to wake up every morning to warm weather, sunshine and beautiful water?  Or, would you rather live where you are and  look forward to escaping to paradise on vacation?

What do you think? Have you ever thought about relocating to paradise? What concerns would you have? Do you think you could adjust to life on an island? If you could – what island(s) do you dream of living on?


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  1. Yes, we are actually planning on moving – timeline is 2-4 years. I miss the beach too much (grew up 15 min from the water) and the winters I now endure are too depressing. Do not want to move back to FL – so the islands it is! My husband says as long as he has a boat – he’ll move :) It’s not just the winters – we want a different pace of life. We are tired of the rat race and need to be where it’s a little less stressful. I can deal with crazy tourists (again – lived in FL for 30 years – 15 of which was a retirement community, and 15 in Orlando) – there are places you can go that they will never set foot on. Any where you live will have pros/cons. I’d rather my major “pro” be a beautiful white sand beach with crystal clear turquoise water. Sure, the water gets muddy during a hurricane – but for the other 51 weeks of the year – I’ll take it :)

  2. Right now I live in Florida. I am playing with the idea of moving to the islands hopefully St. Croix. The only thing the worries me is if I get sick I’m miles away from my only relative which is my sister in Virginia. I could handle everything else including the Navy showers since I am retired from the Navy but still working.
    Soon I will make up my mind and just pack up and move :-)

  3. We really like the thought of a slower pace and maybe even less stress – being on island time! Best of luck to you – sending positive thoughts and prayers…

  4. Arnold "Ace" Rimmer says:

    I would love to do it too.. things that concern are:
    1. Personal and family safety.
    2. The “actual” cost of living.. not the “Sunshine and Roses” propaganda strewn around the internet like poop from sites and companies like “International Living” e.g. “Come to Belize and live as good and better than you do now for a mere $62.00 a day” OMG serioulsy? Does P.T. Barnum own the site?.. “if it sounds too good to be true….”
    3. Standard of living
    4. Salaries: Can a person actually “live” on what you can earn there?

    • Exactly. It’s certainly an appealing thought and much of what we see and hear highlights the best parts, but it is smart to do your own research (as with moving anywhere) on what the realities are. I think it’s a perfect fit for some and for others, paradise is paradise when you vacation there!