Festival RumBahamas 2015

Festival RumBahamas took over the historic and beautiful Ft. Charlotte in Nassau, Bahamas this year for three fun-filled days from February 27 – March 1.

When we realized we’d be in the Bahamas at about the same time as the rum festival, we made plans to be in Nassau to experience this “rum”tastic event. Boy, were we glad we did!

The organizers of RumBahamas (Events by Alexandra) did a fantastic job of combining festival elements to appeal to the serious rum fanatic as well as to those that enjoy rum because of its ability to conjure up images of beautiful beaches and a tropical escape. RumBahamas 2015 was a feast of delicious rums made even more authentic with the sights, sounds and smells of the tropics.

These were just few of the highlights of this years events for us:

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1. Rum tastings. Although we’re not rum experts, we certainly enjoy rum and it was a treat to sample rums that we’ve not experienced before.

2. Having rum connoisseurs such as Dave Russell (far right) at the ready to chat with and answer questions about all aspects of rum.

3. Experiencing and learning about beautiful Fort Charlotte and sipping great rum in a dungeon!

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4. The unique combination of a historical fort combined with brightly colored larger than life decorations.

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5. The festival atmosphere, replete with some very talented stiltwalkers, marching bands, live music, and delicious food.

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6. Booths and booths of beautiful locally crafted items.

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7. Dirty Mules. This tasty ginger and rum drink is new to us and we enjoyed one…or two. Even more appealing as the recipe for this delight is hush, hush.

8. Rum cocktails galore. Want a Piña Colada, Daiquiri or a Bahamian favorite, the Goombay Smash? Not only could you find them there, you could try one with different brands of rums.

9. Capt. Jack Sparrow. Who doesn’t like Capt. Jack? This guy really played the part well.

10. A pirate atmosphere and lots of fun costumes.

11. Rum bottles used as decorations. Ingenious.

12. All of this in a magical setting in the beautiful Bahamas. Bravo.

Want to attend Festival RumBahamas next year? Check their website and follow their Facebook page for updates and as soon as we see the dates for 2016, we’ll post them as well.


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