Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum

Last week we were sailing the beautiful Abacos Islands of the Bahamas with two rum experts on board. I know, it’s rough, but we struggled through it.

One of the rum experts, Carlton Grooms, is the Director of Operations of Papa’s Pilar Rum, distilled in Key West, Florida. While we had previously sampled and enjoyed both the Papa’s Pilar Blonde and Dark Rums, we were able to get a little first-hand knowledge of this rich spirit and the best way(s) to enjoy it.

One particularly delightful evening aboard our sailboat, while watching the sun set over the calm Sea of Abaco, we learned that an easy, albeit delicious way to enjoy a glass of Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum is simply to add an orange slice and some grated dark chocolate to a pour. Both the orange and the dark chocolate accentuate and open up the aromas and tastes found in the rum. Although we enjoy sipping Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum neat, I believe we’ve found our new favorite way of enjoying a glass.

Oh, and the view didn’t hurt either…


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