Sunday Serenity: Why We’d Like to Re-Visit Cozumel

Although we’ve visited Cozumel a couple of times, we’ve not had the chance yet to stay on island…

Our last visit there was a fun adventure; four of us rented scooters and spent the afternoon touring the island. It was a great way to get around (insurance recommended!), see the beautiful beaches and attractions such as the Punta Moles Lighthouse and enjoy totally serene scenes such as this…

Why would we like to go back? Although you can see a lot of Cozumel in a day, we’d like to really get a feel for this laid back island just off the coast of Playa del Carmen – snorkeling Chankanaab, drinking ice cold cervezas and spending a few afternoons relaxing in a hammock in the white sand just like the one above…

Have you spent time in Cozumel? Tell us what you enjoyed about it!

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  1. Despite the fact that I have not traveled as much as “Rum Therapy” has, I have been to Cozumel “a few” times … mostly for snorkeling/diving and just the getaway feeling that Cozy had (I’m talking about way back in the early-80’s). I took my wife there in 2010 for her first time (she had never been outside the US before) a few years back. Seems nowadays, people take either all-inclusive, or at least spend their money on heading to the resorts at the far ends of the island. Way back when, we’d all stay in town, which is what we did this time too. A bit cheaper. We spent 2 weeks in Cozy. The town is a bit more tourista’ now, much more populated now with vendor and people hawking their wares. BUT, once one ventures (and this is all in my opinion of course), once you venture to the other side of the island, it’s a whole new paradise. There are day excursions to go on. Or just vagabonding around and finding your favorite snorkeling spot (There are plenty of those, even on the west side of the island near the north/south resorts. One place we found recently was at Palancar Beach (South end). They have a nice outcropping of rocks, etc. where you can literally walk up to and it’s loaded with fish and sea life. We had a great time. Excellent drinks (one of the best Pina Coladas I’ve ever had). Food, good service, just a relaxing time next to beautiful water. There were Peacocks walking all around and if you didn’t watch out, they’d eat your nachos off your plate. Ha! The Caribbean side of the island is like virgin beach. Ever so often, there’s a hole-in-the wall grill shack with some of the best seafood, and coldest beer around. IMO, better than in Cozumel itself. There’s no electricity on that side of the island, and why no resorts eithers. I could take up a lot more space here talking about Cozumel. I’m not a programmed tour and activities type. I like to find the local flavors as well as where the locals eat. In town (San Miguel), there’s plenty of tourist traps to eat at, but if you are willing to look beyond the few perimeter streets into the interior, you will find the best food for unbelievably cheap prices. Those I won’t give away …. you will enjoy the adventure just finding them (too). If one can speak even just a minimal amount of Spanish, NOT be in such a GD hurry for someone to serve you, or answer all your questions in perfect English, there is a wonderful side to this island called “Island of Swallows” … or, Cozumel. One night, we found a – “quite literally” – a gourmet chef, on a side street, not far from the “in town” hotel we stayed at (Vista Del Mar). The small restaurant was probably 20′ x 20′ and we were the only customers at that time of night. Our meal was like something out of a Gourmet Magazine, but under $12pp. We were probably 8-9 streets from the beach road – Av. Gen. Rafael E. Melgar @ Calle 5 Sur. Where we stayed, the Vista Del Mar, is right next to Dive Safari Dive Hotel. No frills, cheap rooms, great service, COLD A/C, Clean rooms, etc, etc…. right on the water. If one goes during July/August, you can sit on your balcony and see the Presides Meteor Shower happening in the sky. The Gulf Stream running between the mainland and the island can sometimes offer up some interesting weather at night. Anyone who’s been in the FLorida Keys will understand what I mean. Natural Beauty and mother Nature.

    I miss what Cozumel was in the 80’s … the night life was vibrant, fast, and fun. I can’t comment on what it is like now having gotten older. (back then, there were no overpriced Senor’ Frogs … and the original Carlos and Charlies was THE place to start your evening. Anyone venturing a stay of any length on Cozumel, IMO, will need to get away from the city during the day. Save that for the night time! Blow out during the day with snorkeling/diving, excursions, sun worship, etc… even planned trips to the mainland, if so desired. Find a great beach, hang out (like that picture showed with hammock) and enjoy the real Cozumel, the island. I’ve been there (in all) 10+ times. People are figuring out the Cozy is a great place and it shows in the “new condos” and BMW’s, and cruise ships galore now. But there’s still a place to find your perfect moment … lots of them … on Cozumel. Cutting it short here so I don’t take up too much space. Great site you all have @ Rum Therapy.