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Funky Monkey

A while back, we were asked to locate the recipe for a Funky Monkey, a blended drink that FB friend Carol had enjoyed while vacationing in the Caribbean. We came across several versions, but most contained a delectable combination of rum, banana, coconut and chocolate…

After a little bit of “research” on the amounts of each ingredient, we came up with the following recipe. Tweek the amounts to create the best blending of tastes for your palate!

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Funky Monkey
(makes one)

1 oz. gold rum (we used Cruzan Aged Dark Rum)
1 oz. coconut rum (we used Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum)
.5 oz. Banana Schnapps Liqueur
.5 oz. White Chocolate Liqueur
3 oz. coconut milk
1 small, ripe banana
1 c. ice
toasted coconut,  chocolate drizzle and banana slices for garnish

Add rums, liqueurs, coconut milk and banana to a blender with ice and blend until smooth and creamy. Pour into a tall glass and garnish with a drizzle of chocolate, toasted coconut and banana slices.

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The Swimming Pigs of the Exuma Cays

Big Major Cay, an uninhabited cay north of Staniel Cay in the chain of islands known as the Exuma Cays is famous for one unusual thing. Pigs. Not just any regular pig mind you, but pigs that swim.

These cute little oinkers have become rather famous in the last few years as evidenced by the number of boats moored in the beautiful bay in front of what is now appropriately known as Pig Beach.

We were invited to go and swim with the piggies recently during our stay at Embrace Resort on Staniel Cay. The view of Pig Beach coming in is spectacular. No wonder the pigs enjoy living there!

We could spot a few pigs as our boat got closer, but by the time we got to the beach, there were several more making their way out of the bushes to greet us.

They were a bit bigger than we had imagined and were not shy about coming right up to us to see if we had brought them any scraps.

I mean, right up to us.

A few adorable piglets made their way out to greet us as well, but were a little more timid.

Wondering how the pigs got here in the first place, we asked our guide who said that there are quite a few (pig) tales about their arrival on Big Major Cay, but that truthfully they were simply transported over from Staniel Cay a number of years ago by their owners who had gotten tired of complaints from neighbors who were fed up with the pungent porkers.

After giving them what little we had (they also seem to like it when you pour cold water from a water bottle in their mouth!) we got in the water to watch them swim.

They seemed content to wade in the crystal blue water that looked more like a clean swimming pool than an ocean until another boat approached.

They then “hog-tailed” it out to the newcomers to see what treats they might have in store.

If you get to go to Pig Beach, be careful if you’re bringing food. We saw a guy who brought in a large bag of scraps get instantly surrounded by the large and hungry pigs and sustained a nip to the stomach when he didn’t dole it out fast enough!

Have you been to Pig Beach? Tell us about it!

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What Type of Tropical Traveler Are You?

There is certainly not a right or wrong way to travel in the tropics. Tropical travel is fun and can be a wonderful experience – regardless of that type of experience you long for. That being said, there are certainly different types of travelers ranging from someone who likes to escape and relax without leaving the resort, to those that strive for unusual and adventurous opportunities – and many degrees in between.

 What type of traveler are you? Take the short and very unscientific quiz below to see where you fall on the scale! There are no right or wrong answers – just something fun to think about on a Monday!

A. Do you like to go to the same place on every vacation?
1. No, I never go to the same place
2. I have a couple of favorites that I like to go to
3. I go to the same place every vacation

B. Before every vacation I:
1. Do some research on what I’d like to see, but then ask locals what is not to be missed
2. Do research on what I’d like to see and make a list so I don’t miss the things I most want to see
3. Research the amenities on or near the resort

C. The type of accommodation I prefer:
1. Sleeping out under the stars
2. Bed & Breakfasts, Small Boutique Properties, Small Resorts
3. Large Resorts with lots of amenities, All-Inclusive Resorts

D. On vacation, my favorite activity is:
1. Exploring the new location
2. Exploring and activities half the time and relaxing the other half
3. I don’t really like the leave the resort much. I’d rather read, sleep in the sunshine, play in the water and enjoy water sports at the resort

E. I rent a car/golfcart/boat on vacation:
1. Almost always
2. Sometimes. I usually go on organized excursions
3. I’d rather hang out at the resort

F. On vacation I like to:
1. Try all of the local delicacies and drinks from local vendors
2. I like trying some new things, but I’ll still look for a slice of good pizza
3. Whatever is available on the menu at the resort

G. As far as shopping, on vacation I would prefer buying:
1. Locally crafted treasures – especially if I can watch them making it
2. Gifts with the name of the island on it
3. Gifts with the name of the resort on it

Add up the numbers that correspond to your answers and find out what kind of traveler you are below!

7 – 11: You are a travel explorer. You always want to see, taste and experience as much as you can of the true flavor of each location you are visiting.

12 – 16: You are a travel balancer. You like a balance of experiencing some of the local attractions that interest you with relaxing as much as possible.

17 – 21: You are a travel escaper. You like to get away to really get away, slow down the pace and truly relax. You NEED some island time.

So, are you a travel explorer, balancer or relaxer, somewhere in between, or do you have your very own tropical travel category? Let us know!

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Petit Bateau, Tobago Cays

Encompassing five small  islands and one beautiful marine park, the Tobago Cays are a boaters paradise located close to the island of Mayreau in the Grenadines.

The five islands, Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradal, Petit Tabac and Jamesby, are all in fairly close proximity, each a bit different and each worth exploring.

Petit Bateau – the largest of the five, has a beautiful beach on the north side with views over the shallow channel of Petit Rameau.

The interior of the island has thick vegetation and is home to large number of iguanas and birds.

A short hike to the top will reward you with beautiful vistas of the other Tobago Cays Islands such as Baradal and Petit Tabac as well as other islands in the Grenadines chain.

The tip of Baradal and its beach to the left and Petit Tabac in the distance on the right.

Jamesby to the left and Union Island in the distance on the right.

Petite Bateau is easily accessible by dinghy and we brought a cooler ashore to enjoy a meal among the swaying palms.

The Tobago Cays have gotten a bit more crowded since the first time we visited, but there is still plenty of space to spread out and relax or to explore all that these beautiful islands have to offer.

Have you been to Tobago Cays? Tell us about it!

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Hope Town Harbour Lodge, Elbow Cay

While exploring the pretty little town of Hope Town on Elbow Cay during our recent sail through the Abacos, we passed a lovely place called the Hope Town Harbour Lodge. Feeling a bit parched, we noticed a sign out front for the Reef Bar & Grill and thought we’d check to see if we could sit down and enjoy a delicious rum drink, or even an ice cold Sands.

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Not only did we enjoy a refreshing and tasty rum punch at the Reef Bar & Grill overlooking the beautiful beach out back, but we enjoyed the chill ambiance of Hope Town Harbour Lodge. The grounds were manicured, the pool inviting, the beautiful beach even more inviting, the pretty cottages painted in bright Bahamian colors, and the people – so friendly and welcoming.

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If we are lucky enough to return to Elbow Cay someday, the Hope Town Harbour Lodge is certainly the type of place we’d love to stay.

Have you been to Hope Town Harbour Lodge? Tell us about it!

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A Fascination With Sandbars

I admit it. I’m fascinated with sandbars. I already have an affinity for gorgeous beaches, but sandbars; the ones with glistening white sand surrounded by shallow, clear, blue, blue water…ahhh…

I know, I know, they are simply areas of sand slightly higher than the shallow water around it and many just appear during low tide – for heavens sake they’re not even big enough to be called an island or cay, but something about them makes me want to go running, splashing and exploring. Or, to bring out a comfortable chair and veg among the sand and shallow sea. Or to have a picnic. Or to have a few rum drinks. I’m flexible.

Anyway, the prettiest sandbars we’ve had the chance to enjoy so far are the ones we’ve run across in the Bahamas (like the one pictured in The Abacos) and in Turks and Caicos – but we have many areas still to explore…

So tell us. Have you explored any particularly beautiful sandbars? Let us know where to find them!

Sandbar-1--(600)-OSandbar at low tide just off of Leeward Beach in Treasure Cay, Abaco

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Sunday Serenity: Hammock in Trellis Bay

Trellis Bay is a interesting little community on the beach on Beef Island, Tortola, close to the Beef Island Airport.

In addition to some unique shops and eateries (such as The Last Resort), Trellis Bay is the location of fun monthly Full Moon Parties featuring Fire Balls and Fire Sculptures designed by local resident Aragorn (be sure to visit his studio while in Trellis Bay). These sculptures are set ablaze in the bay waters during the Full Moon Parties and are spectacular to see as the image of the flames dance across the still water of the bay.

It’s also easy to take a day trip to Beef Island while staying on Tortola as Beef Island is connected to Tortola by the Queen Elizabeth Bridge. After leisurely shopping and perhaps enjoying some delicious conch fritters at De Loose Mongoose, you might want to spend some time in the largest hammock we’ve ever had the pleasure of relaxing in.

Hammock in Trellis Bay - copyright Rum Therrapy
Find it close to Aragorn’s. With plenty of room, a sea breeze and some nice shade, you’re guaranteed to find yourself doing some true island limin’.

Read more about one of of our visits to Tortola here.

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A Day Trip to Vieques

A few days after our day trip to Culebra (read “A Day Trip to Culebra” here), we headed back to Fajardo to board the ferry to the other main Spanish Virgin Island – Vieques. Vieques lies about 8 miles east of Puerto Rico, and is an easy ferry ride from the mainland. Although there were a few raindrops on our ride over, we were greeted with a full day of warm sunshine upon our arrival.

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Wanting to explore as much of the island as we could in a day, we rented a Jeep from a small car rental agency just a few blocks away from the ferry.

So what did we do during our day on Vieques?

Vieques is known for its beautiful beaches, and our goal was to see as many on the south side as possible. We left Isabel Segunda and headed down island, entered the US Fish and Wildlife Reserve on the east side and took the road as far as we could. There are still some areas of Vieques off limits due to the cleanup of former military exercises (see a brief history here) and several of the beaches in this area were closed during our visit. It was a pretty, but bumpy ride through the Reserve and the area had an abundance of horses roaming around.

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We got a chance to peek at several beaches, including Pata Prieta, Red Beach (or Caracas Beach), Navio Beach, Media Luna and Sun Bay. Our favorites that day?

copyright Rum Therapy
Media Luna because it was shallow, sandy and calm…

copyright Rum Therapy
And Sun Bay. A beautiful long expanse of tan sand with calm clear water. Sun Bay also had a small restaurant/bar/gift shop and a bunch of wild horses meandering the area around the beach.

copyright Rum Therapy
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After an hour or two in the surf and sun, we wandered into the small beachside town of Esparanza. The town was quiet and laid back – just the type of town we could see ourselves hanging around for a while. Thirsty, we stopped at a colorful place called Bananas for a beverage.

copyright Rum Therapy
Rum Punches were the Happy Hour special, so we ordered a couple.

copyright Rum Therapy
The drinks were delicious and the view across the street wasn’t bad either.

copyright Rum Therapy
We could have stuck around Bananas enjoying a few more cocktails and chatting with the locals and other visitors, but we were determined to find the black sand beach – and headed west. We took a hike down to the beach on a dry river bed and spent a couple of minutes enjoying the contrast of colors with the sand and the cliffs.

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The afternoon was flying by and we started back to Isabel Segunda to return the Jeep. We made a stop at Al’s Mar Azul (read more) to grab some dinner and a drink and enjoy a phenomenal sunset before heading back the the ferry for our ride back to the mainland.

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copyright Rum Therapy
As wonderful as our day on Vieques was, we just couldn’t squeeze everything we wanted to see into just one day, including more beach time, time to roam around some of the towns to check out the local shops, restaurants and bars, learn more about the history of the island, enjoy more wild horse sightings and take an evening excursion through the Bioluminescent Bay. Another visit of several days or more will remain on “our list”!

Have you been to Vieques? Tell us about it!

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5 Spring Rum Cocktails

Spring showers bring light, fruity and delicious rum cocktails? 

If you’re like us, when the weather finally starts to warm and winter fades away, we lean towards cocktails that are a bit lighter, fruity and refreshing. Here’s a list of 5 that will add a little “Spring” to your rum drink list.

copyright Rum Therapy
Light And Minty Cran Rum Recipe

Skinny Strawberry Rum & Lemonade Recipe

Mango Mojito Recipe

Caribbean Mist Recipe

And finally, the Caribbean Rum Punch! We love this drink because we can add whatever juices we have on hand and it always seems to taste great!

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Caribbean Rum Punch

Cheers to Spring!

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