What Type of Tropical Traveler Are You?

There is certainly not a right or wrong way to travel in the tropics. Tropical travel is fun and can be a wonderful experience – regardless of that type of experience you long for. That being said, there are certainly different types of travelers ranging from someone who likes to escape and relax without leaving the resort, to those that strive for unusual and adventurous opportunities – and many degrees in between.

 What type of traveler are you? Take the short and very unscientific quiz below to see where you fall on the scale! There are no right or wrong answers – just something fun to think about on a Monday!

A. Do you like to go to the same place on every vacation?
1. No, I never go to the same place
2. I have a couple of favorites that I like to go to
3. I go to the same place every vacation

B. Before every vacation I:
1. Do some research on what I’d like to see, but then ask locals what is not to be missed
2. Do research on what I’d like to see and make a list so I don’t miss the things I most want to see
3. Research the amenities on or near the resort

C. The type of accommodation I prefer:
1. Sleeping out under the stars
2. Bed & Breakfasts, Small Boutique Properties, Small Resorts
3. Large Resorts with lots of amenities, All-Inclusive Resorts

D. On vacation, my favorite activity is:
1. Exploring the new location
2. Exploring and activities half the time and relaxing the other half
3. I don’t really like the leave the resort much. I’d rather read, sleep in the sunshine, play in the water and enjoy water sports at the resort

E. I rent a car/golfcart/boat on vacation:
1. Almost always
2. Sometimes. I usually go on organized excursions
3. I’d rather hang out at the resort

F. On vacation I like to:
1. Try all of the local delicacies and drinks from local vendors
2. I like trying some new things, but I’ll still look for a slice of good pizza
3. Whatever is available on the menu at the resort

G. As far as shopping, on vacation I would prefer buying:
1. Locally crafted treasures – especially if I can watch them making it
2. Gifts with the name of the island on it
3. Gifts with the name of the resort on it

Add up the numbers that correspond to your answers and find out what kind of traveler you are below!

7 – 11: You are a travel explorer. You always want to see, taste and experience as much as you can of the true flavor of each location you are visiting.

12 – 16: You are a travel balancer. You like a balance of experiencing some of the local attractions that interest you with relaxing as much as possible.

17 – 21: You are a travel escaper. You like to get away to really get away, slow down the pace and truly relax. You NEED some island time.

So, are you a travel explorer, balancer or relaxer, somewhere in between, or do you have your very own tropical travel category? Let us know!

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