Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar, Home of the Goombay Smash

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Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar on Green Turtle Cay in The Abacos has been serving drinks to thirsty customers since the 60’s and we planned to visit during our Abacos sail. After all, Miss Emily is said to be the originator of the drink “Goombay Smash” and although we have enjoyed a Goombay Smash or two in the past, we wanted to try the original – the one who’s recipe has not been shared with anyone outside the family.

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Green Turtle Cay is a small island, only 3 miles in length and easy to get around by golf cart. We rented a couple of carts, headed south to the settlement of New Plymouth and found the Blue Bee Bar on Victoria Street.

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Our excitement soon turned to disappointment as we realized Miss Emily’s was closed on Sunday and of course it was Sunday… But, thanks to the generosity of Smitty, the son-in-law of Miss Emily, who was relaxing inside the bar on his day off, we were granted access and got to sample the original Goombay Smash while learning a little Blue Bee history.

Business cards from all over the world adorn the walls, and flags and well worn tee shirts hang from the ceiling in the small and colorful establishment which now also serves dinner from 5 – 9:30 everyday except Sunday. We hear they serve an excellent broiled grouper and a Goombay Grouper…

The Goombay Smash is poured from a gallon jug so there was no way to catch a glimpse of the ingredients and although we pried, Smitty wouldn’t divulge any secrets saying that his wife Violet (Miss Emily’s daughter) was in charge of mixing the sweet concoction.

He graciously poured us each a Goombay Smash at the bar with a picture of the lovely Miss Emily (who passed away in 1977) smiling down at us.

We ordered a second round, chatted with the affable man also known as Sergeant Smith of the Bahamas Police Force, then departed with a jug of Miss Emily’s Goombay Smash to enjoy later on the boat.

Although you can find the Goombay Smash in many bars in the Bahamas, if you want to try the authentic and original recipe, you’ll have to make your way to Green Turtle Cay and the Blue Bee for a cold Goombay Smash, a pleasant afternoon and some good conversation.

Be sure to take away a jug for later…

For one version of the Goombay Smash (not the original!), check out the recipe here:
Goombay Smash

Have you enjoyed a Goombay Smash at Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar? Tell us about it!

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