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The Jungle Bee Jewelry – unique handcrafted toe anklets, bracelets and anklets that are perfect for beach vacations, pool time and summer wear!

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I absolutely love the unique, beachy designs from The Jungle Bee. Their toe anklets are unlike any I’ve seen before and paired with a matching anklet, they’re a perfect summer and tropical vacation look. Not only are they beautiful, they are so light and comfortable that I could barely tell they were on.

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A “Sarah Jenn” Toe Anklet and a complimentary anklet on one side

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Toe anklets can also be worn with flip flops and sandals

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Worn with a matching “Sarah Jenn” bracelet

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The “Just Peachy” Toe Anklet and Anklet

I was so thrilled to receive several pairs of The Jungle Bee designs to wear and sample, but I’m just as impressed with the mission of the company – which uses a portion of the proceeds to support children and others in need in her community. I asked Debbie and her daughter Sarah if they could give me some background information on themselves and The Jungle Bee, and this is what I learned.

Debbie Selva is a San Fernando Valley resident who has been crafting, making jewelry, and creating artwork as a career for more than 20 years. In the mid-1990s, she opened a business called Krafty Kids, where she taught children crafts, provided afterschool tutoring, and provided kids’ birthday parties. All the while, she custom-designed, made, and sold jewelry and other handcrafted items.

Several years down the road, Debbie became the owner of a private school, where she worked with children who faced all types of academic and personal needs and challenges. The school largely became a labor of love for Debbie, who always had a special place in her heart for children. While she had the school, Debbie came up with the idea of toe-anklets—or anklets that loop around the toe and extend around the back of the heel. She started selling her beach-inspired toe-anklets partially as an effort to raise money for her school and for students who could not afford tuition.

Eventually, Debbie launched The Jungle Bee, a jewelry and craft business with her toe-anklets featured as the main product. While the school is now only operating at a limited capacity, Debbie was able to make a major impact in the lives of numerous children and teens, many of whom are now off to college or pursuing their career goals.

Today, Debbie runs The Jungle Bee with her daughter, Sarah Selva. Debbie and Sarah, two beach fanatics and true So Cal girls, are constantly coming up with new designs for their product, which now has an adjustable chain that allows the toe-anklets to be perfectly sized to each customer’s foot. Each anklet has its own artistic flair and goes perfectly with bare feet, flip flops, flats, and even heels.

The goal of The Jungle Bee is to create beautiful and artistic foot jewelry, hand jewelry, and other accessories that allow customers to express their unique personalities.The business also strives to employ people who need extra income, such as stay-at-home parents, students who need jobs, and people who may not be able to work in traditional jobs. Whether you like natural earth tones, sparkling beads that catch the light, or bold, eye-catching designs, The Jungle Bee has just the right toe-anklet for you!

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The “Bahama Mama” Toe Anklet, Bracelet and Anklet

Visit their The Jungle Bee to see all of their beautiful pieces!

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  2. I love the Jungle Bee!! Such beautiful and creative items. I’m also loving your site! Thank you for sharing!!