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We’ve gotten to know some really interesting people during our travels over the years, but I’ve got to say that our recent trip to Staniel Cay topped them all with the number of fun people we had the pleasure of meeting.

We met two of these people, Holly and Sam, both from Australia, while on the itty-bitty plane that took us from Nassau to Black Point. The plane was actually so small that it was hard not to meet your neighbors, and we did indeed meet and continue to run into all of our “plane mates” throughout our week in the Exuma Cays.

Holly and Sam were two delightful young ladies that were taking an extended holiday to several areas, including Staniel Cay. We loved their spunk and energy and were so impressed with their willingness to see and try as much as they could – including taking a good sized Boston Whaler out into the Exuma Cays without a guide!

Anyway, we’ve kept in touch since our return and were so excited to hear that Sam had launched her very own blog about life, love and travel. The name of her blog is The Strikhedonia, which can apparently be translated from Greek as “the pleasure of saying to hell with it”!

She’s got a style of writing which is part humorous and part reflective with a good dose of wit thrown in. Check out one of her first posts, entitled 3 Must Do’s in Staniel Cay, Bahamas.

Sam-at-Compass-Cay2-(600)-Ophoto credit: The Strikhedonia

The Strikhedonia, with tales of travel, life and a failed romance will celebrate everything from flying, diving, eating, making a fool of yourself, trying new outrageous things and anything that comes your way because you accept the unexpected.

We’re looking forward to following Sam and her adventures through her blog posts and great photos, and if you’d like to too, you can find her website link and social media information here!

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  1. Thanks so much Pam and John for supporting me. So grateful and I can’t wait to bump into you again sometime soon (hopefully) somewhere amazing!