Perfect Vacation Memory – Virgin Gorda

What’s a perfect vacation memory? You know the one your mind wanders to when your day gets a little too stressful? Well, of course it’s different for everyone, but ours usually has something to do with a beautiful beach…and rum…

A few years ago, while staying on-island in this beautiful villa on Virgin Gorda in the BVI, we packed our beach bags and set off for the day to beautiful Spring Bay, a next door neighbor to The Baths. We spent the day lounging in the crystal clear water, exploring the massive boulders and simply soaking in the sun.

And, as if that weren’t perfect enough, after getting our beach fill for the day, we made our way to CocoMaya, where we ordered a Zacapa 23 on ice and a Pinot Grigio, sat with our toes in the sand around a fire pit at the waters edge,

and watched a gorgeous sunset over Tortola.

Great memory of a great day on a beautiful island.

Do you have any great vacation memories from Virgin Gorda? Share them with us!

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