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Dark and Spooky

A twist on the classic Dark ‘N Stormy, this easy and tasty variation makes a great Halloween party treat for grownups!

Dark and Spooky - copyright Rum Therapy

Dark and Stormy
(makes one)

1.5 oz. Gosling’s Black Seal Rum
Ginger Beer
Black sanding sugar

Dip the rim of a tall glass in water and then dip it in black sanding sugar. Fill the glass with ice, add 4-5 oz ginger beer and top with the rum. Add a black gummy spider, a straw with ghosts or other Halloween themed garnishes.

Happy Halloween!

recipe adapted from The Food Network

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Petit St. Vincent, The Grenadines

We spent  just a short time on one of beautiful beaches of this quiet island during a sail in the Grenadines, but it was enough to make us want to return someday.

Petit St. Vincent is an exclusive private 115 acre island resort located in the southern tip of the Grenadines which promotes time spent there as more than just a luxury holiday—it’s an escape.

Petit-St-Vincent - copyright Rum TherapyOne of the beaches on Petit St. Vincent

One bedroom cottages and two bedroom villas dot the island – each placed discreetly in a variety of locations on the island, from hillside to beachside.

But this escape also offers plenty to do – if you wish, including pampering spa services, sailing excursions such as to the nearby Tobago Cays, diving, land and water sports.

There are two restaurants as well, or you can choose to be served dinner on the beach or request a picnic on nearby Mopion

Mopion-copyright Rum TherapyMopion

But the most appealing feature? This is a stress-free, technology-free zone. No phones in the accommodations, no television, no Wi-Fi. Ahhh… just the thought of it makes me breathe a little deeper. You communicate with the staff by a flag system. To request room service or to schedule a spa appointment or excursion, raise the yellow flag in front of your cottage. Want privacy? Raise the red flag.

So yes, we would love to return to Petit St. Vincent some day to experience the ultimate stress-free, technology-free “escape”. How about you? Could you live without technology during your island vacation?

Find out more about Petit St. Vincent by visiting their website.

Find Petit St. Vincent on our St. Vincent and the Grenadines Map.

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Vieques, Where the Horses Roam Free

Before we visited Vieques, a small island east of Puerto Rico that is part of the island grouping sometimes known as the Spanish Virgin Islands, we knew very little of the island except that it had been used in the past for naval exercises.  As we read more about Vieques, we learned that although there is a population of around 9,350, it has no stoplights and there were herds of wild horses roaming the island.  Cool, we thought. But, as excited as we were to spot some of these horses during our visit, we eventually learned we were only half right about them…

Horses in Vieques - copyright Rum Therapy
 As we roamed the charming island on our way-too-short day visit, we were not disappointed in our wild horse sightings! Horses were lazily grazing along the road to the Vieques National Wildlife refuge.

Horsesin Vieques - copyright Rum Therapy
Horses walked right by us as we hiked to the black sand beach.

Horses in Vieques - copyright Rum Therapy

And there were lots of horses in the area around Sun Bay (find Sun Bay on our Puerto Rico Map). These two were enjoying a stroll on the pretty beach.

Horses in Vieques - copyright Rum Therapy

So what were we only half right about? Apparently, although the horses on Vieques roam freely, most of them actually do have owners. Hmmm…there’s definitely got to be a benefit to the owners in savings on feed (and not having to pick up horse doo), but there is certainly a benefit to residents and visitors alike who love to see the beautiful horses roaming freely on this beautiful island.

Horses in Vieques - copyright Rum Therapy
Have you seen the horses on Vieques? Tell us about it!

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5 Favorite Scenic Overlooks in the Caribbean

It was a challenge to select just 5 of our favorite Scenic Overlooks in the Caribbean – even after narrowing the criteria to those that included water views, but these are 5 of our favorites from our travels to date. Feel free to add some of your favorites in the comments below!

Drakes Seat - copyright Rum Therapy
View of Magens Bay, St. Thomas from Drakes Seat.
Legend has it that Sir Francis Drake used this vantage point to keep an eye out for enemy ships.

Gustavia, St Barts copyright Rum Therapy
Overlook of Gustavia, St. Barts – one of the most colorful overlooks in the Caribbean. It’s well worth a short hike on a nice path to enjoy this view.

North Sound Virgin Gorda, copyright Rum Therapy
From this perch high atop Virgin Gorda at Hog Heaven, you can see the entire North Sound including Leverick Bay, Saba Rock, Bitter End Yacht Club, Prickly Pear Island, Necker Island and on a clear day, a very faint sliver of Anegada.

Trunk Bay, St John - copyright Rum Therapy
Overlook of Trunk Bay, St. John.
One of the most photographed overlooks in the Caribbean; the sight of Trunk Bay from this spot nearly takes your breath away and gives you a taste of the beauty that lies ahead.

White-Bay JVD, copyright Rum Therapy
The overlook of White Bay, Jost Van Dyke is absolutely picture perfect. It’s really rather hard to take a bad picture of this beautiful bay!

What are your favorite Caribbean scenic overlooks? Tell us about them!


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There’s Boos in the Blender! Halloween Rum Drinks

copyright Rum Therapy
Grown ups like Halloween treats too! Are you having a party and want to add a little Halloween flare to your beverages? Here are a few Halloween Rum Drink Recipes that will put a little “BOOS” in your blender!

1. The Slimer

An eerie green/yellow tint and served over frozen eyeballs (grapes). Spooky good.

Get The Slimer recipe here.

2. Spooky Rum Punch


With it’s blood red color and black sanding sugar, this looks like something Dracula would order…

Get the recipe for Spooky Rum Punch here.

3. “Boo”zy Pumpkin Shake

Certainly not a diet drink, this blended drink is a true adult pumpkiny treat.

Get the recipe for a “Boo”zy Pumpkin Shake here.

4. Voodo Juice

copyright Rum Therapy
The only thing scary about this drink is its name and the amount of rum it contains. Be careful for it will surely put you under its spell…

Get the recipe for Voodo Juice here.

5. Candy Corn Jello Shots

Whether you like candy corn or not, you’ll probably enjoy these tasty layered treats. Make a batch without rum for your little ghosts and goblins.

Get the recipe for Candy Corn Jello Shots here.

Be safe and have a fun Halloween.

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Beach Break – Bathed in Blue on Treasure Cay

Are you one of the millions of people that find the color blue calming and relaxing? It’s actually one of the Health Benefits of Spending Time in or Near the Ocean. To us, the light blue colors of the sea are so visually relaxing that when we need to take a short mental break on a hectic day, we find ourselves imagining time spent on a beautifully blue hued beach. This alluring beach on Abaco Island seems to find its way into our heads quite frequently… Need  a mental beach break too? Get yourself some more daydream material here: Treasure Cay, Abaco

copyright Rum Therapy
 Do you ever find your mind wandering to thoughts of a beautiful beach? Where?

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Foxy’s Charters

Have you heard? Foxy Callwood, the 7th generation Jost Van Dyker, musician, entertainer, humanitarian and host extraordinaire at his world famous bar, Foxy’s, has opened a new business designed to give guests visiting the Virgin Islands the opportunity to enjoy even more of the beautiful islands.


Foxy now offers a variety of adventures through his company Foxy’s Charters. Find out some of the options offered below.


Private Boat Charters
Set up a charter on his 12-passenger, 38 foot extra wide power cruiser called “Foxy’s Excellent Adventure” and spend the day exploring Jost van Dyke, the soft sand beaches of White Bay or Sandy Cay, snorkel the Caves of Norman Island, or enjoy yourself at the Baths in Virgin Gorda – the possibilities are endless.


Sunset Cruises
Imagine sipping delicious rum drinks while watching an amazing sunset from the water…


Water Taxi Service
Need a ride to Jost Van Dyke? Check out his Water Taxi Service that can arrange to pick you up in the USVI or BVI. After hours service to and from Tortola and Jost van Dyke is also available.

Daytime Kayak Rental: Rent a clear bottom kayak and enjoy skimming around Great Harbour while scoping out the sea life below.



Guided Night Kayak Tours: Cruise the waters of Great Harbour at night during a night time kayak tour. See a variety of fish, turtles and rays through your clear bottom kayak illuminated with LED lights!

Foxy's-Charters-8-(600)-Ophoto: Foxy’s Charters

Find Foxy’s Charters on the beach in front of Foxy’s Tamarind Bar in Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke. Contact them to set up your Excellent Charter Adventure, Sunset Tour, Water Taxi Service or Watersports Adventure at
1-284-546-1904 or [email protected]

Foxy’s Charters Website

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!

Find Foxy’s on our Jost Van Dyke Map

Where’s Your Paradise?

“I prefer cold weather”, said no one ever at Rum Therapy, but that’s what a friend of ours said recently when asking for feedback on starting a travel blog – to colder climates.

“Why would you write about the cold?”,  I asked and she started to list the reasons why cold weather appealed to her more than hot.

1. I find snow prettier than sand. The way is glistens in the sunlight, the way it falls so gently from the sky, the way you can roll and run and play in it! (I thought to myself, but you have to shovel it and it’s COLD.)

2. I like winter sports better than water sports. I like to snowboard and sled and ice skate and sit in the lodge next to the fire sipping hot chocolate. (Put a little rum in it, I thought, and I could go along with that one.)

3. I have more energy when it’s cold. When it’s hot, all I want to do is lay around by the pool and sip cold drinks. (Um, what’s wrong with that???)

4. I love to look up and watch big snowflakes falling from the sky. (Really? I love to look up and see palm trees and sunshine.)

5. There are less bugs in colder climates. (true, but that’s because it’s miserably COLD.)

6. One word. Hurricanes. (One word. Blizzards.)

7. You get 4 seasons in colder climates. (Spring, Summer and Fall are ok, but winter is COLD.)

8. I love wearing bulky clothes, layers, sweaters and boots! (WHAT? No flip-flops?)

Lake Tahoe Winter - copyright Rum Therapy
(Ok, I admit winter scenes like this one in Lake Tahoe are gorgeous, but it was – you guessed it – COLD!)

She was trying to paint a pretty picture of a beautiful winter scene for me, but I was not swayed. The truth is, we grew up in a cold climate and now spend much of our time thinking about returning to the sun, sand and warm weather. Our friend, however, grew up in the South where she said summers were smoldering, the humidity was so thick that you could cut it with a knife and bugs seemed to be on a mission to annoy the crap outta you. 

Then, it occurred to me that this was a very good thing. Paradise is different for everyone and that’s how it should be. If everyone wanted to live or vacation in the same place all the time, that place would be way too crowded. And then we wouldn’t like it. Sigh. We told our friend she should start a cold weather travel blog. We respect her love of cold weather and we think she should talk everyone into vacationing in the colder climates. Then we can have the tropics all to ourselves… :)

Smugglers Cove - copyright Rum Therapy
So, where’s your paradise?

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