Petit St. Vincent, The Grenadines

We spent  just a short time on one of beautiful beaches of this quiet island during a sail in the Grenadines, but it was enough to make us want to return someday.

Petit St. Vincent is an exclusive private 115 acre island resort located in the southern tip of the Grenadines which promotes time spent there as more than just a luxury holiday—it’s an escape.

Petit-St-Vincent - copyright Rum TherapyOne of the beaches on Petit St. Vincent

One bedroom cottages and two bedroom villas dot the island – each placed discreetly in a variety of locations on the island, from hillside to beachside.

But this escape also offers plenty to do – if you wish, including pampering spa services, sailing excursions such as to the nearby Tobago Cays, diving, land and water sports.

There are two restaurants as well, or you can choose to be served dinner on the beach or request a picnic on nearby Mopion

Mopion-copyright Rum TherapyMopion

But the most appealing feature? This is a stress-free, technology-free zone. No phones in the accommodations, no television, no Wi-Fi. Ahhh… just the thought of it makes me breathe a little deeper. You communicate with the staff by a flag system. To request room service or to schedule a spa appointment or excursion, raise the yellow flag in front of your cottage. Want privacy? Raise the red flag.

So yes, we would love to return to Petit St. Vincent some day to experience the ultimate stress-free, technology-free “escape”. How about you? Could you live without technology during your island vacation?

Find out more about Petit St. Vincent by visiting their website.

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