Where’s Your Paradise?

“I prefer cold weather”, said no one ever at Rum Therapy, but that’s what a friend of ours said recently when asking for feedback on starting a travel blog – to colder climates.

“Why would you write about the cold?”,  I asked and she started to list the reasons why cold weather appealed to her more than hot.

1. I find snow prettier than sand. The way is glistens in the sunlight, the way it falls so gently from the sky, the way you can roll and run and play in it! (I thought to myself, but you have to shovel it and it’s COLD.)

2. I like winter sports better than water sports. I like to snowboard and sled and ice skate and sit in the lodge next to the fire sipping hot chocolate. (Put a little rum in it, I thought, and I could go along with that one.)

3. I have more energy when it’s cold. When it’s hot, all I want to do is lay around by the pool and sip cold drinks. (Um, what’s wrong with that???)

4. I love to look up and watch big snowflakes falling from the sky. (Really? I love to look up and see palm trees and sunshine.)

5. There are less bugs in colder climates. (true, but that’s because it’s miserably COLD.)

6. One word. Hurricanes. (One word. Blizzards.)

7. You get 4 seasons in colder climates. (Spring, Summer and Fall are ok, but winter is COLD.)

8. I love wearing bulky clothes, layers, sweaters and boots! (WHAT? No flip-flops?)

Lake Tahoe Winter - copyright Rum Therapy
(Ok, I admit winter scenes like this one in Lake Tahoe are gorgeous, but it was – you guessed it – COLD!)

She was trying to paint a pretty picture of a beautiful winter scene for me, but I was not swayed. The truth is, we grew up in a cold climate and now spend much of our time thinking about returning to the sun, sand and warm weather. Our friend, however, grew up in the South where she said summers were smoldering, the humidity was so thick that you could cut it with a knife and bugs seemed to be on a mission to annoy the crap outta you. 

Then, it occurred to me that this was a very good thing. Paradise is different for everyone and that’s how it should be. If everyone wanted to live or vacation in the same place all the time, that place would be way too crowded. And then we wouldn’t like it. Sigh. We told our friend she should start a cold weather travel blog. We respect her love of cold weather and we think she should talk everyone into vacationing in the colder climates. Then we can have the tropics all to ourselves… :)

Smugglers Cove - copyright Rum Therapy
So, where’s your paradise?

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  1. My paradise is St. Petersburg Florida, my paradise for over 11 years. I live between the Gulf and Tampa Bay with a penthouse 16th floor Gulf view and the bay is my back yard. Living every day as a vacation…