Amora – The Essence of St. John Giveaway

And the winner is….
Jim Gross!

Jim, please contact the Amora Team at to give them your contact and shipping info!



The package includes a Key Lime Pie Lip Butter, a Key Lime Pie Airpsray AND a Key Lime Pie Reed Diffuser! (worth $75)


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  1. I could use a little St. John in my life – so I would keep it!

  2. Tricia Creque says:

    If I am the winner, I would gift my Amora to my friend Carol. I introduced my friend Tom to St. John many years ago. When he fell in love with Carol he asked my help in arranging their wedding in St. John. They just celebrated the tenth anniversary of their wedding on Trunk Bay! 🌴 She could really use some Essence of St. John to help her get through the cold Pennsylvania winter, and to remind her of her favorite place on earth!

  3. This would be a great gift for my wife, Connie, here’s why. We have been fortunate to have been on island both this March and last March, with Trunk Bay being her favorite beach (mine was Hawksnest). This fall she had breast cancer surgery and we have so much to be thankful for on Thanksgiving that things went well. But we won’t be able to visit there next March, so this would be a fun way for her to keep dreaming about Trunk Bay. Thanks, Jim

  4. Jennifer Osborne says:

    Mmmm… Keylime St. John. I don’t know if I would keep it or give it to my boss for extra points. ;)

  5. I would gift this to my aunt, who is always flitting off to scuba dive in one place or another!

  6. This would go to my wife. She could use some Caribbean flavor (in lieu of TIME in the Caribbean) with all she does to raise the kids!

  7. I woukd keep it!!

  8. Jennifer Lombardo says:

    I need something to keep me a little tart! Ha!

  9. A gift like this would bring the Carribean to my home every day!!

  10. Carol McLeod says:

    I love Key Lime Pue – I would love to be reminded of St John’s every tine I smell these!!!

  11. Phyllis Johnson says:

    The scent of key lime triggers total relaxation when I take a deep breath. No one I know likes it as much as I do so I will be forced to keep it. ;)

  12. Stacy Ziems says:

    I don’t ever treat myself and especially now that I have gone back to school, I really need it!!!

  13. Jennifer Villastrigo says:

    I love St. John and this would capture our trips while back home. I have wanted to try your products and this would allow me the opportunity to not only try them but to share in the beauty that is St. John with all of my friends, family, and co-workers!

  14. I would use this gift for my friends and myself. My friend Chantal grew up on the VI’s and she has shared her homeland with us several times. I so love it there!!!! And I would give one of the items to my friend Sibby who has been my traveling partner on these adventures and lasting in trying to heal from an ugly divorce and health crisis I would chose on of them for me. And who doesn’t like Key Lime Pie????

  15. Wanda Stoner says:

    I would gift this to my brother he just found out he has liver cancer. He needs to take his mind someplace other than here

  16. Debra Baptista says:

    I would Love to give a little St. John to my mom. After 61 years of a wonderful marriage, she just recently lost my dad. She took such good care of him the last 2 years while he was home battling cancer and recovering from a stroke. I can’t express the love and gratitude I have for her. As much as I would love to take her to St. John, I can’t afford to. This would be my way of giving her a little piece of Paradise.

  17. Nancy Brice says:

    I would love to get this gift. I would keep it and remind myself daily of my snorkeling trip around St. Johns and my love of all things Key Lime.

  18. My 89 year old Aunt loves Key Lime Pie! I’d give it to her for her Christmas so she could experience the smell Key Lime smell daily! :) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!