New Bar on the Block, White Bay, JVD?

Thanks to FB friend Amber for an update on the new bar on White Bay. The name is apparently Hendo’s Hideout and on their new website, they say “While White Bay is world-renowned for its casual beachside charm and party atmosphere, Hendo’s seeks to bring something a little different to the beach. COMING SOON…January 2016. Come see what the buzz is all about!” They have a new Facebook page too, although there’s not much on it yet. If you happen to be in White Bay in January, give us an update!


A few days ago while enjoying another beautiful day on Jost Van Dyke, we made the trek over the hill from Ivan’s to the beach (and bars!) on the other side of White Bay. As we approached Soggy Dollar, something immediately caught our eye.

There’s a new bar being built on White Bay.

New Bar on White Bay, Jost Van Dyke - copyright Rum Therapy
The new building sits very close to Soggy Dollar and is fenced off now during construction.

New Bar on White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, copyright Rum Therapy
We were unable to glean any info on the name or type of bar it will be, just that it is a new bar, but it sits right on a prime piece of beautiful White Bay, just like the other great bars on the beach on this island filled with legendary beach bars.

Do you know anything about the new bar? If so, let us know!

How do you feel about another bar on White Bay?

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  1. Not happy! It’s way too crowded already! This pristine beach is losing its charm for me.
    Sad 😞

  2. Glenn Richard says:

    I heard that the people who own the Top of The Bathes is opening this. This comes from a very reliable source on Jost.

  3. Debbie Warren says:

    Totally agree. We have spent many weeks on this beautiful island. We love White Bay Villas and have stayed at The Pink House for two weeks. Our most recent trip was in May (we saw the construction) for my son’s senior trip. It had been a few years since we had been. We were so disappointed at how JVD is losing its charm. All of the White Bay bars were playing country music. Just had a tourist trap feel to it. We loved Ivan’s new bar, but we definitely prefer the old one. So sad that they are losing their identity and giving into tourism. We loved JVD for its people and character.

  4. Kim Hallmark says:

    Was planning an April trip, 25th anniversary, but we want the White Bay we fell in love with in 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013. A few changes through the years we have handled but enough is enough. May rethink this. Sure don’t want to be disappointed on a 25th ANNIV trip.

  5. I think it will be a nice addition – what’s not to like about another beach bar. And it looks beautiful!

    I kind of chuckle about people saying White Bay feels like a tourist trap when literally 99% of the people going there are indeed tourists. Unless you are a belonger on Jost, you are a tourist and who can blame the locals for wanting to make a few bucks from all the traffic? Things change and evolve, and sometimes become better. The people who started coming here years before Kenny sang about it undoubtedly don’t approve of the changes, but time marches on, and White Bay will continue to be popular, likely for many generations to come.

  6. I think another bar in White Bay will be wonderful. Soggy Dollar has gotten too crowded! Will check this place out when I get there next week- hubby arrived on the boat last night & I told him to get a preview for me! :) I understand it’s coming along nicely.