Rum Island Pub, an Island Oasis in the Middle of Charlotte Amalie

Looking for a bar with a good beach vibe to sit and enjoy a cold drink while exploring Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas? You might want to try Rum Island Pub – a bar in the middle of Drake’s Passage that feels like a little island oasis in the middle of a bustling town.

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We visited Rum Island Pub a few weeks ago as we wanted to find out more about this bar that has “rum” in its name. It had to be good with rum in its name, right? Well it was.

Rum Island Pub - copyright Rum Therapy
Trish and Doug (CeeBass), some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, are the owners of this unique bar that sits in a passageway of Charlotte Amalie called Drake’s Passage.

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Rum Island Pub consists of a covered open air bar with additional outdoor seating and a great gift shop with lots of locally made items including apparel, jewelry, art, photos, lotions and even hot sauce.

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Rum Island Pub is also the location of the one and only Husband Day Care. This is one place guys surely won’t mind hanging out while their ladies shop. Enjoy a few rum drinks or St. John Brewers beers, listen to some good music, chat with other day care patrons and enjoy the warm Rum Island breeze while you wait. Be sure to get a picture in front of the Husband Day Care sign to show your friends how you got to spend the day.

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Rum Island Pub was under a different name when Trish and CeeBass took it over a few years ago. The location has a pretty long bar history in fact, as it was formerly the site of the first Duffy’s Love Shack (now in Red Hook) until Hurricane Marilyn came along in 1995 and deposited a large boat on top of it. The building was re-built and is now the perfect spot for Rum Island Pub.



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What drinks to try? We each sampled (ok, drained) a signature drink called the RIP – Rum Island Punch. The RIP comes with instructions from the bartender (order one to find out what they are!) and they’re delicious. A mixture of Cruzan rums and fruit juices with a floater of 151 to finish the job; these babies are tasty and potent.

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We also sampled one of their Famous Nutwackers – a bushwacker with peanut butter & chocolate…needless to say it was also a hit.

Stop by the island – Rum Island that is, and say hi to Trish and CeeBass on your next visit to St. Thomas. Pull up a chair at the bar, try a delicious Rum Island Pub rum drink, check out the local VI crafts in their shop, and be sure to tell them cheers from Rum Therapy!

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