Rum Therapy’s Top 10 Island Posts of 2015

With the end of 2015 fast approaching, we thought we’d find out which island posts were the most visited and compile our annual list of  Top 10 Island Posts of the Year. As in years past, some of the posts that made the list are a little surprising, while others are, well, rather expected. Some were written this year, and some have been around for a few years. At any rate, if you happened to miss any of them when they were published, now’s your chance to check them out. We’ll start with 10 and make our way to #1.

10.  Staniel Cay Yacht Club, Exuma Cays, Bahamas

SCYC copyright Rum Therapy
On Jimmy Buffett’s list of “10 great places for a Waterside Drink”, the Staniel Cay Yacht Club is a great place for just that, and a whole lot more…
Find out what’s so special about SCYC from our visit this year.
Staniel Cay Yacht Club, Exuma Cays

9. Coco Beach Bar & Grill, Treasure Cay, Bahamas

Treasure-Cay-copyright Rum Therapy
In 2015 we made our first trip to The Abacos, a chain of islands in the Bahamas located just 175 miles east of Palm Beach, Florida. We were stunned by the gorgeous beaches and enjoyed some time at a few unique beach bars; one of which was Coco Beach Bar & Grill located on beautiful Treasure Cay Beach. See more about this laid back beach bar and the views you can enjoy while sipping a cold rum punch here:
Coco Beach Bar & Grill, Treasure Cay, Bahamas

8. Angels Rest, St. John

Angel's-Rest copyright Rum Therapy
Although we swam out to visit Capt. Peter in his floating bar by the name of Angels Rest during a visit to St. John in 2014, the post continues to get a lot of views. Why wouldn’t it? Visiting Angels Rest was definitely one of the highlights of that trip! Find out more about Capt. Peter and Angels Rest here:
Angels Rest, St. John

7. The Fight Against the Bite

Fight-Against-the-bite - copyright Rum Therapy
Apparently we aren’t the only mosquito magnets out there. A post we wrote in 2013 on protecting yourself from bug bites while on vacation still gets a lot of visits. Even if you’re not a “high attractor” type, you might find the information in this post interesting:
The Fight Against the Bite

6. Bomba Surfside Shack, Tortola

Bomba-Shack copyright Rum Therapy
This one was a surprise. For several years in a row, the post on our Bomba Shack visits made the Top 10 list. We’ve had the chance to visit the Bomba Shack during the day when it’s quiet and when you can sit and enjoy the view across Cappoons Bay to Jost Van Dyke, and we’ve also had the chance to check out a famous Bomba Shack Full Moon Party where, for research purposes of course, we sampled a bit of the mushroom tea. Always an adventure, find out more about the Bomba Shack here:
Bomba Surfside Shack, Tortola

5. Barhopping on Jost Van Dyke

Barhopping Jost Van Dyke - copyright Rum Therapy
Although a few things have changed a bit since we first posted this article, Barhopping on Jost Van Dyke continues to be a very popular post. Probably because it’s a favorite destination for many of our readers! There’s a big change coming to White Bay in January with the addition of a new bar called Hendo’s Hideout. Check out a list of other bars you can visit while visiting Jost Van Dyke here:
Barhopping on Jost Van Dyke

4. Callwood Rum Distillery, Tortola

Callwood-Distillery-copyright Rum Therapy
Want to experience a slice of Tortola history dating back as much as possibly 400 years? Then be sure to visit the Callwood Rum Distillery in Cane Garden Bay while visiting Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Check out our post to see more photos and find out about the rum they make there, including the infamous Panty Remover…
Callwood, Rum Distillery, Tortola

3. Compass Cay, Exuma and its One Full Time Resident

Compass-Cay-2-copyright Rum Therapy
Our entire visit to the Exuma Cays was filled with amazing sites and water as clear as a swimming pool. Compass Cay is a small cay in the chain where you can swim with pet nurse sharks and enjoy an incredible quiet beach called Crescent Beach. Apparently you enjoyed looking at the gorgeous hues of blue found around Compass Cay and learning the story of the only person that resides there full time too, as it was the 3rd most visited post of the year. Read more about it here:
Compass Cay and its One Full Time Resident

2. Health Benefits of Spending Time in or Near the Ocean

Crescent-Beach copyright Rum Therapy
This was an eye-opening post to research and put together as we have always felt that spending time in the sea has been therapeutic for us. As it turns out, there is some scientific evidence to support that theory. Find out more here:
The Health Benefits of Spending Time in or Near the Ocean

1. The Ultimate Rum Therapy Playlist

Tobago Cays copyright Rum Therapy
And the most visited post of the year! The Ultimate Rum Therapy Playlist! It’s no surprise, this was a fun list compiled with suggestions from our beach loving readers. We continue to update it from time to time, so if you run across a song you think should be on it, be sure to let us know!
The Ultimate Rum Therapy Playlist

Thank you for another wonderful year at Rum Therapy! We appreciate you following us, reading about our island adventures and sharing your island adventures with us. Looking forward to more “island time” in 2016!


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