Rum The World – An Around the World Rum Tour!

We were recently contacted by Laura Inguenaud, a young lady from Paris who had grown up learning to appreciate rum and decided to leave Paris to go on a 9 month around-the-world trip to explore the world of rum. We were quite intrigued byher story and asked if she’d like to write a short guest post on some of the things she experienced. Enjoy a small excerpt here.

Rum The World – An Around the World Rum Tour!

Paris 18th of December 2014,
I decided to put away my rollers, and start with more serious means of transportation (plane, boat and bus).
I am leaving Paris for 9 months to seek the worlds best RUMS, from the Caribbean to Mauritius through Central America and Thailand…
As JJ GOLDMAN would have said: “Long is the road” and my road will start on the 15th of January 2015

TARGETING: 40,000 miles – 15 countries – 40 Rum distilleries – 9 months

Ever think about dumping your job, packing your luggage, jumping in a plane to travel all around the world to escape your city routine life?

Back in January 2015, it is exactly what I did, with a guideline: The RUM.

So during 9 months, I traveled to visit rum distilleries, meet rum producers all over the world and source the real information about rum making and rum stories.

Give me 1 minute of your time and I’ll bring you a taste of my Rum The World Tour through 13 pictures!

Laura-(500)-OLaura Inguenaud 

Caribbean Sea
I started my trip with 3 months spent in the Caribbean Islands, to experience the English and French rum…

My very first stop in Trinidad & Tobago, and first distillery visited with John George, Master distillers in the Famous Angostura distillery… 120 steps higher, we were at the top of the column stills and had a great view over Port of Spain.


This picture… oh what a day! This is the old column still from HSE, a great stop in Martinique and some fabulous rums with some interesting finishes!


Next – arrived in the tiny island of Dominica between Guadeloupe and Martinique! After hitch hiking and hours of walking  – we got to it, the BOILING lake, 2nd largest in the world!

Onward to Cuba. Have you heard about the two Joel’s from Cuba – in Cienfuegos? There they make the BEST mojitos, and trust me I know what is good in terms of a a Mojito (secret recipe- no agua!!!) They taught me how to make them – you need time, love and good rum! 


 Central America
After the Caribbean, it was time to travel to Central America. After few days in Mexico (little bit more than expected to recover from terrible tacos…), I arrived in Belize, this small country producing the Belizean rum, but also with its beautiful islands, and a hinterland full of scary surprises (bat cave, snakes, jungle…) leading to Guatemala.

This is the bottle of my trip, a 30 Solera from Panama (Abuelo) that I traveled along with for a while between Panama and Colombia, 4 days in a speed boat, doing island hopping with a crazy team of mates!

South America
Colombia, here I am! A beautiful country with beautiful people and souls. I even drove a TUC TUC in Guatape (close to Medellin). Have a stop there – it is SO worth it!


Pacific Islands

On to Hawaii, this paradisiac archipelago of islands, probably the most beautiful and exotic place on earth and I was so pleased to see it! Hawaii, keep an eye on its rum, new distilleries are working hard, the sugar cane is great and the potential is enormous!

Time for a flight to the next islands of my Pacific trip, the Fiji islands. Two crazy weeks of adventure. Nothing planned, but beautiful adventures were waiting for me. In Yasawa island (northwest), I ended up sleeping in villages and drinking Kava with the chief and other inhabitants!

The second week was spent on the main island, exploring the cities, visiting its rum distillery (Fiji Rum Co) and meeting up with local friends.


Even the deserted beaches in FIJI are Ruming the World with me, isn’t it fabulous?

How do you do a round-the-world trip without enjoying the pleasure of Asia? I spent 3 weeks in Thailand from the very north (Chiang Mai). to the Mekong and southern part (Phuket and Ko Samui) to meet my dearest rum producers, French people who settled there to produce and agricole rum (Chalong Bay and Magic Alambic).

Rum The World 11 (600) O
Indian Ocean
Less than 2 months left …. Time is going fast – so fast! I have already arrived in Mauritius where 2 of my best friends are living and it’s time for me to come back to civilization! It feels good! Mauritius has 6 distilleries, so trust me, even if the island is quite small, between the parties, my friends and the rum tour, I AM BUSIER than a business woman!

Last stop, but not least, back to France – but not really, La Reunion! (an island region of France located in the Indian Ocean)

Crazy islands with 3 amazing cirques. Go to Mafate, Cilaos and Salazie to enjoy peaceful and wonderful sceneries before reaching the coast. Just a little advice: don’t go out of the lagoon, sharks are waiting for you…

La Reunion has 3 distilleries producing traditional rum, but also agricole rums…and I wanted to end this slideshow with this great picture of mix column/pot still!


At the end, in October 2015, I “rummed” 49 distilleries in 21 countries… It was the CRAZIEST TRIP OF MY LIFE and I just want to share it and bring you with me for a few minutes.

We thank Laura for sharing just a snipet of her excellent around the world rum adventure. If you’d like to read more about her experiences and the rum she encountered on her journey,  check out her blog:, follow her on Twitter and on Facebook . You can also contact her at [email protected]


  1. Great idea, anything mixed with or drink it straight, RUM! Your trip was awesome, so loved the pictures and captions. Put my on your mailing list for the book.