Festiva Sailing Vacations “Save The Reef” Campaign

Ahhh…sailing in the Caribbean. One of our favorite things to do – especially in what some call the sailing capital of the Caribbean – the British Virgin  Islands.

BVI Sailing - copyright Rum Therapy
We’ve sailed several times in the BVI so far – twice on an all-inclusive crewed charter with Festiva Sailing Vacations. Why do we going back to sail the BVI? We love it’s beauty, the variety of things to see and do, the sailing conditions and its vibrant underwater life.

Snorkeling - copyright Rum Therapy
But with the increase in popularity, there is  an ongoing need to protect the islands above and under the water so we can all continue to enjoy the  beauty of the area. 

That’s why we were pleased to hear from Festiva Sailing Vacations that they are donating 5% of their profits for the entire month of April, 2016 to the Association of Reef Keepers (ARK) located in the British Virgin Islands to assist in marine restoration and coral nurseries.

According to ARK, the contribution will assist with the on-going maintenance of their coral nurseries. There are two nursery sites with a total of 1,000 corals growing, which will be out planted later this year to enhance some of the BVI reefs. Afterwards, they will continue growing coral and hopefully add a few more nursery sites ensuring healthy reefs for years to come.


Have  you been wanting to find out more about an all-inclusive sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands? Be sure to check out Festiva Sailing Vacations website and contact them for more info. 

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